The arguments for a $10 - $100 STEEM price in 2019 - 2021.

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The arguments* for a $10 - $100 STEEM price in 2019 – 2021.

Since I have been wrong many times about predicting the STEEM price, I have to be more careful this time. In the past 2 years, I been talking about how I saw the STEEM price go really high, because it was the best blockchain in the world. It didn’t happen, instead other coins like MONERO went up 100x in that period. This surpriced me because I still think STEEM was the best blockchain until EOS came around around 1th of june 2018.

It shows that the market for crypto currency still is immature and irrational, and/or people care more about money then they do about the best technology following the principals of anarcho capitalism, which again is a sign of immaturity.

So what do I think will happen with the STEEM price in the future? I think it can go to $10 - $100 range any time, but atleast in 2019 – 2021, it should be safe to say that it would happen. The reason I am pretty sure about this, is that STEEM has a solid userbase and even with remote competitors like (maybe) ONO or others, STEEM has a history and a userbase they cannot compete with. Just like centralized social media sites, there are room for more then one decentralized social media site.

STEEM is more focused on community then privacy and I love it for it, so even that ONO sounds like it has something we have not seen before, I got used to share almost all of my informaton with the world and are not even thinking about hiding information in private groups anymore (facebook style), which I was actually never good at or used for anything in the facebook era.

So even ONO is build on EOS and have great potential, I have a feeling I will use STEEM more even if ONO are what they promised it to be.

That is why my conservative price prediction of the STEEM price is in the $10 - $100 range in 2019 – 2021, where it even have the possibility of going much higher. This time I will be right, trust me! :).

Lasse Ehlers

*I changed the word "case" to "arguments", since the word "case" reminds too much of the old system.

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