Justin buying Steem, how does it affect LASSECASH and what do I think about it?

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LASSECASH has about 700 token holders so fare, the creator (me) is holding about 20% of the total supply. Which is a very small share compared to most if not all cryptos of today. At the same time LASSECASH is very cheap at the moment.

LASSECASH is 0 fees, instant transactions. The perfect crypto of today. A huge opportunity to become a whale even if you are a small fish.

So LASSECASH is on the Steem blockchain, a Steem Engine token, how to you think the acquisition from Justin Sun (Tron founder) affect LASSECASH?

WEll, it has no real affect so fare, it is only speculation if he will change anything on STEEM, and if the changes affect Steem Engine tokens, then probably there will be a fork, so that Steem Engine can continue as it is.

I listened to part of the Justin and Ned video on the topic, and I thought this is not important for me or for LASSECASH.

/Lasse Ehlers


Wherever Steem goes, the tribes go. I think it'll be fine. Maybe there'll be a fork, maybe not. Either way, not a problem.

No need for you to fear , since steemit is their father they will also move with him .

Good morning from this end .

Morning, at this point steem is a dumb facilitator to LASSECASH in my view... I powered down most of my SP even before the Chinese Justin Sun bought Steemit inc...

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