[Amanda B. Johnson on Steemit?] It finally hit me, the super idea for the winning cryptocurrency/smart money: Steem but with DASH's governance model. — Steemit

[Amanda B. Johnson on Steemit?] It finally hit me, the super idea for the winning cryptocurrency/smart money: Steem but with DASH's governance model.steemCreated with Sketch.

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Super idea for hardfork of Steem

DASH is looking like a winning cryptocurrency, but it is not a social media like Steem. Why not take the best of Steem and the best of DASH and combine via a hardfork of Steem?

I think Steem is having genius elements in it, but it seems like something is missing, since the market is sending the price down. It could be due to that the market want more distribution of the Steem token, I think that is part of the reason for the price drop.

The more crucial reason for Steem's price drop - what the market is telling us

There is another more crucial part of why the Steem price is constantly falling and that is something that have always concerned me (Since the first time I saw Steemit, I choose to signup and be part of the thing, even tho I saw this problem as huge, I think the market agree with me on this problem, its also been critics highest concern):

"The centralization of power in the Steemit wallet and the developers wallets." Here is my super idea:

"Make a hardfork that give the power of the Steemit wallet to the witnesses, so that the top witnesses can choose to hire and fire people based on public proposals, similar to DASHs model, the only difference is that the witnesses don't have to hold stake, but they need to be voted on with the highest stake." With this fork it would also make sense to end the Steemit inc and let it all be on the blockchain.

Update: "It could make more sense to let high stake vote for proposals for working on Steem, similar to DASH's masternodes model, instead of the earlier suggestion of letting the witnesses vote on proposals. I will let this part of the idea be up to other people to figure out, but I think you get the idea I come with."

This idea would solve the current problem with centralization of power. Which if it is not solved, a competitor could make a steem-clone with this DASH-inspired governance model.

I hope this super idea will hit the right people with power in Steem or potential developers of a new "coin". Again I could not program this coin, it takes a genius to do so, that is why I share the idea in public, even I might get burned by central people in Steem, but I will always be devoted to say my true opinion.

With this fork, there is a chance to win Amanda B. Johnson over to Steem:

As you can hear, Amanda will come to Steem ones its the best in the world.... to make it the best, it needs to be 100% de-central, I suppose the witnesses can vote for this change?? But I also guess it have to be done in cooperation with Steemit inc. Its better to do it now then later. As this centralization problem will only get bigger and bigger.

Steem on!

Lasse Ehlers

Copenhagen, Denmark




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Likely too late to get anything like this into this Hardfork. You can campaign for what ends up in the one after that though, as this is in beta and there will be other Hardforks once they have a chance to observe the effects of this one.


Sure its just an idea for the community, will set it free from here..

Interesting concept. An original one..


I for sure think this idea would make Steem the number one crypto of today. The problem is that the power holders might not want to give their power away for the common good, its a similar conflict there is in the old fiat money system. So Steem is kinda like a hybrid of the old system and the new system. Only one step better then the old system, but not fully decentral - like Bitcoin and Dash, are to a wider extend.