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RE: Ned scott is back....and this is the BS he is upto

in #steemlast year

Hi @itstime

In my country there is a saying:

He who does not take care of what he has, will be left with nothing, and will always be lamenting for that.

It is very unfortunate to learn that one of the creators of this great platform is not committed to it.

He must be the first to promote our platform, if not for the witnesses and all of us who live here every day. If it weren't for that support.

Ned I think this has long since disappeared into oblivion.

That is why I am the first to support any initiative that exists within Steemit and was promoting it in all the spaces that I can promote to our platform.



agreed....i suppose free money has a side effect of creating complacency in people...

Ned hit a pot of gold and has been MIA ever since...