Supercomputing's Perfect Streak

last year
54 in steem

In case you're wondering what's going on here are a few posts detailing the issue:

The devs are working hard to get this fixed so all kudos to them!

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  ·  last year

It seems that he is now totlly dominating the miner-witness queue, so we need the fix implemented quickly. I'm sure that other miners have been discouraged by this already and have given up mining Steem for the moment.

  ·  last year

Yeah, I've turned off my miner. Not that it generated anything to begin with but now it's outright impossible. Good thing that mining is such a minor part of Steem.

  ·  last year

The Devs need some respect, these guys are so busy but tehy are listning and doing everthing to make this site rock, so rockit to the moon babes

  ·  last year

You might be interested in a post I just made. about a possible new miner dominating the queue