Investor Wisdom: Tough Road Back - Selling STEEM & EOS to Participate in ICOs

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Just When You Get Everything Stacked Right & Ready to Rock ...

There Be Gold in Dem Thar Hills!?

In order to participate in ICO-goldrush fever, I sold off a sizable amount of STEEM over the past few months .. 20 000 SP or so .. and liquidated a few thousand EOS, which I purchased in the initial round of the ICO. I think I used the money well, but seeing the large holes in my long-term plan really makes me want to cry.

Good Move Or the Biggest Mistake Of My Life ..

What Did I Do With It !?

  • Cloud-mining - 80 THs ($ 260 US per day income)
    -- ( use promo code .. ShWgXc .. for 3% discount )
  • EtherParty 30 000 FUEL (not good)
  • EnjinCoin 20 000 ENJ (hopeful)
  • Crypto20 6030 C20 (EXCELLENT! .. best investment to date)
  • Astro 2000 ASTRO (excellent)
  • Sharpe 2500 SHP (excellent)
  • H20, ROCK, DRGN, B2BX, ENVION ..

Totally agree with this dude .. 4 MONTH WARNING!

4 Months to Get Back ..

The short-term goal for me is to accumlate $ 5000 in Envion, and then every cent will go into EOS until the end of the ICO (ALLLL-IN on EOS!), all-along slowly rebuilding my STEEM stake .. with blood sweat and tears, here on STEEMIT.


That poor bastard, silvertooth .. lost $ 30 000 in the Etherdelta hack, the other day. Wish we could help him.

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