Happy 2nd cakeday! :)

Thank you! :)

Now this is a happy new years already seeing you back :-)
What's been going on ? Errrrr usual. Whlases getting richer, the rest of us talentless scroungers getting a few scraps!
Get writing again. You could do really well now the old bots are giving away their big votes for decent content.
Hope the little un is well and......bedtime here so goodnight, and please get back into the groove punk mama :-)

I know...start a punk tribe and make yourself useful lol

I'm glad to see you too!
Mini me's all good. He's now a kindergarten kid and shows off quite a lot of attitude. He mostly speaks in his own language but we're starting to finally hear words resembling words in Estonian.
Can't promise on getting into writing again, but I'll try. :)

Tee-hee, this post consists of 69 words.