Vote for STEEM on NetCoins or condemn yourself to a life of mediocrity!

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This isn’t my typical art or photography post. As I’m sure you’ve seen by now, STEEM is one of several tokens to be listed on NetCoins. I’m calling all of you to action to take the time to vote. There are several qualities that define a real STEEM supporter. Posting and participating on Steemit, even when the market is low is a big one. Doing something that betters the community, naturally. One of the easiest is taking the time to represent the amazing global blockchain social experiment this has become when opportunities arise, like this.

NetCoins is a Canadian blockchain company, bringing the ability to purchase goods and services from thousands of retailers with cryptocurrency. These are the moves catapult coins in to rare air. Listing like this add liquidity, legitimacy and convenience to projects like our beloved STEEM. The hurdles are often high, but I have good news for you. STEEM is already number one on the NetCoins voting results. That’s right, all you have to do now is ensure it’s listing by taking the time to visit NetCoins and vote yourself.

We have a great thing here, and Steemit is about to explode. The functionality and meshing capabilities of the community is going to drastically improve in the weeks and months to come. Projects like @dtube, Steemify, Steepshot and @fundition are bringing non-blockchain users to the platform and we’re looking on the horizon to the release of SMT’s. Take the time to do this one thing, and when STEEM moons, know that you had a role in it’s success. Make your mark on NetCoins now!


I have done it twice. Everyone can vote once every 24 hours, so please vote everyday, everyone 🙏.

I've voted in all three browsers and emails, lol. Awesome @scrawly. I think we're going to win this!

I saw some mention that they may be throwing out multiple votes in a day if they originate from the same IP address, so I’m just doing one to play it safe and not give us any false sense of security that we’re ahead!

Please be reminded that each user can only vote once per project PER DAY.

Voted, @kommienezuspadt. And will again tomorrow :)

I have done 3 time..and I sincerely hope our steem coin will definitely be listed on netcoin👍

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wow, we made it, but we need to continue to vote to secure the first place :)

Vote already done

I'm glad you voted, we have to support Steemit @kommienezuspadt! If I could vote more I would do it, but I saw that Pac Coin has lowered her position and took away many votes ...
I hope the Steemitans do it legally so that you do not take us down after being in the first one.

So good to know! I’ll definitely be voting!⭐️

Heading on over to vote~

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