We love steem! But how can we make it better?

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Tell me what in your opinion is the best way to make steem better.

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Development financial resources and save Expenditure of money!
about cryptocurrency of blog,
there are currency exchange / advertising / online games / novel subscription / sales promotion / currency burning / ect...


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There are many ways and it's better to keep focus on the long term growth. A very unique feature we have is that we are a social network of people whore already very interested in crypto, finance, personal freedom and free markets. @steemmonsters is light years ahead of CryptoKitties and https://www.stateofthedapps.com has many of its top ranks covered by STEEM DAPPs. @drugwars became #1 DAPP of the world and that would not happen in a world where STEEM wasn't a social network. Just keep on improving this community engagement and support good projects on STEEM.

Exchange Listing

STEEM has only about 5 million USD volume. When listed on exchanges HUNT Token had about 2 million USD volume. More listings like this is going to work well as a good marketing strategy. IEOs are also a great way to have some exposure. Just let people know that e are out here.

Get Existing Content Creators on Blockchain

I don't mean some joke like PewDiePie on Dlive which did nothing. Just get some people to cross post their blogs or YouTube clips on STEEM and have them list STEEM among their social media links and maybe get them to try out some DAPPs. Build a long term relationship.

Interoperability With Other Blockchains

@steemmonsters did this with TRON and @drugwars did this with Obyte. We need more connections like these. Do't make STEEM DAPPs depend on these other networks but work for integration to bridge the community. This is an excellent hedge for a rainy day. The network effect creates more value.

Cost Reduction

This is basically what Steemit Inc has been doing since layoffs and the results are great based on what I see on @steemitblog Currently it cost a lot run DAPPs on EOS (which stupidly put too much burden on the developer) Making things cheaper will lower the barrier for entry for both devs and witnesses making DAPPs and services more abundant.

More Gameplay - Less Reward Farming

Just learn from other MMOs and mobile games and make things more ethical and fun. A person will only spend so much on a single game.

Intelligent Discussions

Reward Curve Deep Dive is one of the best articles on STEEM I've recently read. It's the only non-linear voting solution that I can be fully on board with. We need more smart stuff like this.


Just compare it with everything else that is available a the moment. EOS could become a strong threat, Other than that STEEM could just kill it with SMTs. Just release a bare bones ERC-20 replacement + Market first and then build the rest. This is urgent. Don't be late.

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We need a good reason for investors to hold and buy Steem.
The biggest challenge IMO will be to seperate the Steem reward pool from the Steemit.com Application. Since, we all know that Dapps and Communities are the growth factor for Steem. We should consider to distribute Steem not only to blogging on Steemit.com, but also across all other Dapps as well.
Investors are looking for the infrastructure Coins and Steem right now is good with Steempower, Voting and RC credits, but the reward pool tied up with Steemit.com is a mess.
This situation is not very attractive for outside investors. Steems Proof of Brain mechanism needs to used for discovering and supporting the best Dapps, communities, proposals and Projects on Steem.
And Steemit.com needs to become its own community with its own Token, so if they mess up the economical effects doesn't hurt the whole Steem community.

We need that one great app or game that everybody in the cryptocurrency world cannot live without. Steem monsters is great. Some of the other games are not. However, we don't have anything that stands out as so amazing that everyone immediately hears about it because it's so great that it's all over Facebook and all over everywhere. We don't have PewDiePie. We don't have celebrity endorsers at all. We don't have people that are jumping up and down screaming our name in the streets and I think it's because we don't have that one app that would rule everything. My main concern is that when EOS comes out with their social network they will have an app like that.

Right now I feel one of the largest issues facing steem growth and mass adoption is the need for new people to learn WAY to many things. SP, VP, RC's, Steem, SBD, internal markets to convert SBD earnings, powering up, and so forth. It's overwhelming to a new person and I really don't care how smart you are it's a lot to take in.

To have to figure all these things out and then realize it takes a capital investment to be able to even function on the site due to RC's most people sign up, make a post or two and leave. Honestly if I came here today and was told hey you need to buy 50-70 steem to be able to freely interact due to the required RCs I probably wouldn't stick around.

The first thing that needs to be taken care of is RC Pools for communities to be able to support newer members with their unused RCs.

After that we need to remember the most important rule of mass adoption KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid. Programmers acting elitist gives you the mess we currently have at Steem.

I will go on a similar opinion as @thedarkhorse I think if we have to talk about mass adoption of Steem then we have to make it suitable for everyone to adopt Steem. Right now, this is not the case. The platform is more focused on development and bringing in investors without looking at the users.

In real logic, investors will come in to make money and not really promote the platform. It is the common users that will come in and tell their friends about where there are earning $0.5 daily.

Personally, I came here to earn and without any knowledge of the Steem ecosystem. I was withdrawing my earnings and hated the SP aspect until when I fully understood the platform which was back in November last year. From there on, I started focusing on powering up and have been buying steem in this process. I remember I reached 100SP on December 3rd and today (5 months later) I am holding over 1,700SP.

Also, I have equally brought in over 30 new users through my initiative (Steem Cameroon) though just a few could stick around owing to the RC nature and isolation of new users on Steem. My case might not be a perfect example but can be relative to the case of some new users.

For me, while we tackle investments and developments, we should also put up a system to take care of the common new users who might just be leaving facebook and instagram to try out Steem because right now after their introductory posts only @steemitboard cares to upvotes and comment on their posts.

Recently there are several new blog sites,
Can learn their strengths,

  1. better easy use interface.
  2. The reward for the article is countless times instead of only one.

What I want to mention is that,
There are several new websites, and their reward system has changed.
Thier article reward is settled every 7 days, Day 7 Settlement Bonus / Day 14 Settlement Bonus / Day 21 Settlement Bonus / N * 7 Day Settlement Reward....
The reward for the article is countless times instead of only one.

So there are many authors , because their rewards are long-term, not just one time.
For example, some novelists I like,
They post their novels on that blog network.
New readers will reward its articles,
Old readers can also reward its articles.
You will reward its new article,
You can also reward its old article,

Although steemit is currently the first traffic blog site,
But I am afraid of the future,
Will lose to those new sites,
Unless steemit is also improved.

One of the biggest issues is the lack of freedom free accounts have due to RC limitations. Removing or at least decreasing these limitations would give a much better user experience to those new to Steem and its blockchain.

Another big issue is simplicity. Things should be as simple as possible for the end user. The general population likes simplicity when using their social media outlets. I know allot don't view Steemit (STEEM) as social media but I disagree. I think the social media aspect is what attracts most users to this blockchain.

I see there are a few different main areas to address.

  1. Acquisition
  2. Retention
  3. Reduction of spam
  4. Growth

On the first point of acquisition.
Every new account should go through warm up period. During this time it's sort of like interactive tutorial for the first week. You get introduced to what the platform is, what resource credits are, what other apps are out there that can help assist you, You also get challenged to post one new original content each day, make 5 friends and have a conversation with them, and as you go through more features get enabled for your account. If you complete this one or two week tutorial, you get gifted 50 steam delegation for 90 days.

This will then allow new users to ramp up and dive, and teach people who are not tech savvy the systems about. This will also reduce the creation of spam accounts as people who don't want to go out and make friends with real people or have conversations, will not pass the tutorial and not get gifted the extra steam to help grow their account faster.

On the second point.
keep developing tools to allow people to express themselves the way they wish on the block chain. I feel this is a slow process but is getting done.

On the third point.
Much like the old days when Google had a page authority rating, and there is that domain authority rating for a website. I think we could assign the same sort of ratings for user accounts. If you have a lot of contacts who are well-known posters, you post a lot of original content, you will have a high esteem rating. This number could potentially be wrapped up with how much a vote gives you in return. Example, if you have a low esteem rating, and up vote will only be worth 25% of what it would be if you have a higher one.

On the last point.
I think we are growing and growing well. If steem continues its rise in value, we will keep seeing our user base grow as more people see the value of this block chain. In addition with more apps being made each day this is going to increase our user base.

These are just my thoughts

Promote and bring back good citation projects. Today steem is all about making friends and upvoting friends. We should encourage new comers by upvoting them so that they establish themselves here. Eventually we will get more incoming people.

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Firstly the whole platform way to sign up different keys is not user friendly.
Secondly an actual way of making money which currently is not viable without investment.
Currently it's a investment platform if you have money you can make money if your new don't bother.
Stuff like steem bounties is a cool idea. So is partiko where you can earn points for votes cool idea.
Then you have stuff like weedcash network which has zero point other than a few people gonna make some good money

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Steem need more Applications with frontends wich look like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Further d-tube ist actually to slowly. D-tube need more Speer, because it have the most Potential.

@knircky, In my opinion more passion should be shared on Steem Blockchain. Most of the content is just about the Cryptocurrency and Steem based only, but we should make this platform more passion oriented. When we share our passion then in a way we are sharing our value.

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By helping the minnows reach dolphin and paying its users correctly because some people break the system

Less talking about Steem might help.


Haha! I agree. And how will that be possible when so many posts about Steemit and Steem are highly rewarded. Posts about Steem and Steemit don't age well and are they really interesting? Sort of. We all want to see it do well and we all want to earn some money don't we? So how to do all that is relevant. So here we are. : )


Well, I have earned less than $200 in 2 years, so there is that.
I find all those posts about Steemit, Tokens, Cryptos, Steem games ect. rather tiring. I thought Steemit is supposed to be a social media platform, where people talk about all sorts of stuff.
Luckily some people still do, but its almost a minority.


The pitch i got about joining here was - "you post all over other sites and don't get paid. So join here and..." I do get overwhelmed by all those things you mentioned and skip over them mostly.


Yes, I also skip those posts, but thats not really the sense of it all. Users shouldn't need a microscope to find something interesting.
I think its mainly a matter of how Steemit organises the feeds. If there would be a better method of sorting posts by subject, the frustration could be reduced.


It's especially tough on new people.


Right, it may even keep some people from joining, who think this is a place for hardcore crypto freaks only.


Lol I feel the same way its because most people are just basically mining steem so they run out of things to post and start posting about steem!


Certainly true for some. Some other seem to be genuinely obsessed with everything blockchain, crypto currencies ect., as if thats the answer to all problems in the world.


Lol to an hilarious degree yes like tokenizing everything is the answer! Pretty sure 95% of crypto’s tokens we have today won’t be around for very long

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Utility of base smart contract on steem blockchain is the best way to make steem better. Dlease.io is great initiative towards that goal however we need more smart contract supporting business throughout delegation of steem power and return on investment in steem back dollar.
Nomore gambling smart contract.

A sexy dapp that you want to make love to it, sleep, working, training 24 hours a day. A good example is dapps like Partiko or Actifit!

Have an crypto exchange integral to steemit?

The steemit wallet able to hold multiple cryptos.

I would say we need one UI that absorbs the features of all the front end dapps and functional tools like Steem bounty into one easy to use tool and improve the onboarding and marketing to bring in new users and provide them with a new place they can call home and be proud to share across the Internet

Then we need more gaming and tools using steem as their chain so we can bring more users and value into the ecosystem

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I think the best way to expand the steemi is https://old.steemfollower.com/?r=19421 Because we can vote for the votes we give.

I think the best way to make steem better is to help the smaller value steem owner to raise because the more people involve in steem it will keep on improving. If the only one doing transaction and active in steem is the higher ranks, without the smaller account steem will soon slowly disappear. Newbies are the root of steem in steemit platform, without the roots everything will slowly dies.

Steemit pays for our effort with steem that we can trade and gain more through cryptocurrency up and down value.

To keep the platform stable, I think we too should help each other to grow in any kind of way we can just like the circle of life.

Hope that I'm answering your question. Thanks for the opportunity.

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Two simple things, a new UI and or exciting new dapp! Steem inc needs a marketing team if they can’t do it themselves.

As a single user, I think the best one can do is to try to make content that is of a high quality. Sadly many posts smell of reward harvesting and if this is what meets new users, they will turn away before they even create a profile. When we can't make quality content, we should aim to find and upvote good content.

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Maybe a new and more friendly interface will help bringing new people to the platform. The current one is too simple and not so eye-catching in my opinion.

I think to improve Steem and Steemit the first step to do is remove downvote button, it is creating only damage and trouble, why Facebook have not it?

For me the answer is reducing our 95% kill rate for new steemers. This is Why I focus on minnow tips and helping those who are are new here and trying. We need a good ecosystem of vibrant bloggers on all the various dapps. Biulding the middle class is the most important thing I try to do.

Maybe converting SBDs to Steem?

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Una básica: Desarrollarse integralmente con la oferta original de convertirse en una Red Social del futuro ahora. Lo demás es una cascada lógica si consolidas tu propuesta central de ser una plataforma de contenidos de calidad de cualquier tipo de tema.

If curation rewards could only be earned while voting on random content within a list of predetermined tags (there would have to be a specific part of the site for voting on randomly sequenced content based on tag selection), and if those curation rewards were 50/50, then not only would people be less likely to spend all their voting power on their friends, but they would be highly incentived to vote for great content, meaning that an excellent post would have every chance of being rewarded well, even if it was posted by a new user.

I believe this change would have a substantial impact on voting abuse, and be a very positive thing for user retention as it would ensure that good creators had a fair chance of being rewarded for their efforts.

Hello, I am a new user and I have been really enjoying using Steem. For the past few days I have been using it, few things I can think of for improvement. Probably the faqs can be simplified? Make it more user friendly, so it will be attractive to those who may not have time to go through everything. That's all thank you =)

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Everyone can post a line or some shit (They even earn with it, so it is nonsense about THE rood content), but it is hard to fit in, be found, to understand Steem. It simply doesn't make sense and even doesn't help to improve.

Facebook lovers will not leave because of steel if they can not post.
WordPress lovers won't either.
Drive has all kind of problems.
With low/unstable internet it'ss hard to log in and load posts.
The games... Only steemmonsters seem to work.
Way more is needed to make it possible for everyone to get acces to steem in a easy, friendly way.
Also the lack of interaction, comment needs to be solved (by the Steemians).
Even discord is frequently just for the small group of due yards if you are able to join (I am not connection too slow).

Considering that I'm not a developer and I don´t understand the fundamental stuff, I usually just avoid making dumb things so I don't hurt STEEM.
But to make it better and progress towards the future, I think the main thing to do is listening to the community and what they need/ or what is going wrong.