Steem forming cub and handle

in steem •  4 months ago 

Steem is forming a short term cub and handle, if it plays out target price levels could be $0.54 and $0.74.

I have created a setup, where 1/2 of the profit will be realized at the first target and the Rest at the Second.

So far this is not confirmed as the handle is no yet complete. It is also not the cleanest version, bu Nothelfers something I am looking at currently.



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Wouldn‘t say no to that and would celebrate by buying some more Steemmonster cards :)

I had not seen this pattern until you made this setup! This seems like a good potential for Steem to finally create a new trend! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for bringing this up. It's good to see some positive chart patterns. I'm still not convinced that this is because people are getting the wind of new DAPPs under development. STEEM is bit of a closed ecosystem. A;; could go down if Bitcoin starts a nose dive. Over time I've learned to HODL. It gives a better peace for mind. I can focus on other things and forget about the markets for the most part.

Not going to sell anything at least until $3 STEEM or more. preferably I'll HODl until we surpass ETH.

I too have noticed this. Thank you for sharing. I was also looking at how damn volatile Steem can be, cryptos in general. Just think at the height of the market steem had a market cap of 1.5 billion dollars! Now about 130 million. Money can flood in, money can flood out. I think the worst of this bear is behind us. I'll try to check in more often. You do great work!

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Yeeeeee! Looks like a lot of the other cryptos are doing similar things. BCH for one is one that I've been tracking that's majorly doing this. Hope for good things!!

Solid prediction, we almost made the first target yesterday.