Steem breakout

in steem •  13 days ago

Yesterday I posted about a cup and handle forming for steem, today there was the breakout.


It is nice too see steem get some trading attention and volume along with the fantastic infrastructure growth we are experiencing!

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I saw your prediction yesterday. Good call.

My guess is that it has something to do with the steem engine announcement yesterday.

yeah this is all about the new systems being released on steemit not really about trends on a bar graph I hate to say it :/


Some believe it’s all about news and fundamentals others believe in charts.

It think both are relevant.

Breakout is finally confirmed after a retest of the resistance level from above. At the moment we are only AT the resistance, not yet above.

But indeed, it looks quite good. Lets wait and see.


0These are levels I am seeing

It looks like waiting is over to me.



As you could see, the resistance in BTC at 0.000125 is now yet broken. I also think and hope it will happen soon. In my last two posts I watched at the strong resistances of steem and platinum. In last one the resistance could not be broken as well. The drop exactly from the resistance line at 875 USD was very painful and sharp.

What‘s your next prediction? ;)


lol, I second that question


Never predicting. Except that the price will go up or down :-)

I do a lot of betting though.

It is an undervalued blockchain for sure.

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Missed it by one day as my monthly purchase is due tomorrow! I may divide it in two this month to get some more on any pullback which test some support to validate the trend.

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There will be more opportunities and pull backs

Nice break out!! I believe that it's a very good.moment to get more an put it on hold!!

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