Please Unvote My Witness & Go Vote for Witness #21 - #41

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Title basically says it all.. If we want any chance of taking our chain back I need everyone to stop what they are doing and go vote for the witnesses in rank #21 through #41 in order to have some chance against the hostile TRON takeover of the witness postitions that we are currently facing here on STEEM.


I hope the fork is hot an ready IF we get consensus again. Not looking too bad right now. The problem is many don't know that they have to cancel the votes which are not in top 51.

You need to make some art for JSun, he feels left out and wants a beautiful self-portrait.

Will likely happen!


I've got all 30 votes staked now. Fuck the Sun. Get a giant mannequin to fly out to space and hump that giant glowball...

Thank you for doing your part!

Cheers! Thank you.

Kyle, what will happen to the staked Steem from the exchanges if the community gets back a few more witnesses? Can they still pull their funds or will they be locked up until there is enough consensus from the nodes to render out all of the transactions? Seems like there is a scenario here for things to get really ugly now that the Exchanges are on the hook.

They will be forced to sleep in the bed they made for themselves..

It will take them 13 weeks to power down. Invoking a 1 day power down that Justin Sun has planned would destroy the blockchain.

Any idea what the difference is between 22.2 and 22.4444, @kyle?

22.4444 also takes away the restriction on stake that 22.2 put in place.

.444 is a sign of protest. '4' states as unlucky number for Chinese.

You may want to edit this post - instead of telling people to vote for witnesses in rank #21 - #41, tell them to vote for the highest ranked witnesses who are NOT running version 22.5. At the time of my typing witness #s 21-30 are tron puppets running 22.5. Witness ranking #s are fluid - the version run by the puppets is a much better way to identify which witnesses to vote for, and which to NOT vote for. Thanks

Much has happened, since you posted this... and the reality of the math is that if there's enough voting power to get Blocktrades to 170,000+ MV worth of votes, there's enough to get 20 witnesses to that point.

Thanks for all your work!