Protect what is your's

in steem •  3 months ago

Sometimes we just need to stand up and protect things we care about. i got sent an inflatable Dinosaur costume from the company i get my inflatables from
I also made video for my bouncy castle bookface page

I have had a busy day cleaning 3 x inflatables and i also cleaned our normal house (not inflatable)
Good to see the price of Steem dip under $1, now we will see who the true steemians are!

Steak for tea - cant wait

This is me @kiwiscanfly

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Protect what you can protect.

"Good to see the price of Steem dip under $1, now we will see who the true steemians are!"
Yeah bro, now we can see who are truly addicted to this platform!
Is that you behind that dino? Nice video bro!



yep thats me :)

Do your neighbours ever call you a freak?


i wish my neighbours were on steemit - then i could flag them
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'I have had a busy day cleaning 3 x inflatables' ...

Me too. There's nothing like hygiene.



make sure you dry them..dont want mould..haha
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To be honest, most of them do have a funny smell in some tough spots. Thanks for the tip.

Ha ha ha very funny dinosaur my dear . Video is very short but very good. Thank you very much for sharing with us.



tried to keep it short as some people have attention spans of goldfish :)
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That is my length of video!


when i wrote that comment i was thinking of you bigboy
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I guess orca's and whales aren't even mentioned on the list?

what have you been up to?
trying to get brownie points from the boss by cleaning up the house,
you must have stuffed up somewhere.


i think i have been a good boy lately........
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great video
steemit is a big and great platform

Scary stuff !!

Lol I’ve seen these before and they are just the funniest thing to see in person

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Hehe, that video was probably the most epic 25s of my day.