Working Bad? Try!

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For starters Steemit != STEEM.

STEEM is a coin and a blockchain while is just main (or maybe we just call it FIRST) place thats lets you interact with the network and post.

There is plenty of places to use when is down or acting funky and today i want to show you by @fabien and @ekitcho

Categories permanently on the left

You have them all the time handy when you want to browse, no need to visit main page all the time.

PMs Inside Website

I dont know if they are decentralized or not but people using can PM each others just within the portal.

Drafts and Bookmarks

Bookmarks is main thing im missing in Steem, when i find interesting post that i need for later i have to use 3rd party service to store it. Not anymore thanks to Busy!

Extended Profile Info

More info than on main site, esp about the voting power and also looks nicer imo.

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Really I didn't heard about PM feature on Thank you @kingscrown and I shall try it


same here!


Ditto thank goodness for this @kingscrown, I would hate to miss out my @papa-pepper's selfie contest because of some down time. Pesky hackers, going to give this a try next time the main site is down.... Cheer$:)


Oo this is really great, it would make communication much easier for us all. Usually we have to go to the steemchat and search, it's a longer process.

Love it! I always kind of bothers me when people refer to it as SteemIt and not Steem. There is another site called that works really nicely too.

<3 J. R.


nice, didn't know about this one

I am interested to know the mechanism how PM works there. I believe it is not recorded in blockchain.

Yes, things have been quite a pain recently from posting to commenting even voting and voting of comment too.

Thank you, I'm still new to this. Steemit kept locking up my web. I was not able to access the site and it was frustrating.

In time of need, it's been a life saver !

So you would prefer over the Esteem app working on a phone?


On newer phones I probably would, but eSteem is often more stable because it's an app.


I will keep switching with both, spread my options (just like the stock market ;) )

I'm new in here great to know alternative way to access cause yesterday was laggy more then usual, will give them a shot! Thank u for the info

Hello @kingscrown
Thank you for sharing this. This morning, steemit was giving me the 504 error. I wished I had used to check my blog. I'm going to try it out next time.



noob wisdom says: "you can't have a website if you don't have a website", meaning consistency for a mass audience needing ease of use / peace

Good tips. I will give it a try.

It would be awesome if you could import your Steemit account to Busy. That way it would let you have all that extra functionality without starting from scratch.

I seriously don't understand why the devs for Steemit have not implemented some of that stuff. I guess their priorities are somewhere else, which is understandable, but as a user, a little annoying.


You can, it actually lets you log in via steem connect. Everything you do on the Steem blockchain is there on and you can log in as yourself. I did very easily. Unless I am misreading your comment.


Awesome, I must have misunderstood... Thanks so much for taking the time of explaining. I am actually writing this comment using Busy, haha!


awesome! :D glad you can now use steem when steemit is down.

It's cool how the blockchain can be used this way, among many different UIs. Whichever one you like best can be yours for the using.

STEEM is having a civil war with multiple websites. . . it could be more collaborative. SteemIT is winning so far. . . but all are failing by falling the same way other sites have already failed. . . MySpace and AOL are great examples for a historical marker of what not to do. . . Learn from mistakes... these guys are too young to remember the true cause of the downfalls.


what's the answer?


I guess my 'answer' is to look at a site like MySpace and ask "WHY DID IT FAIL?" Some will say that Facebook crushed them, but NO it was the ability to run code on the individual pages which opened it up to hackers. . . and abuse. Some of MySpace failures, I see on Steem. The anonymous accounts have huge potential for abuse. The bots here have potential for abuse. The 'cleaners' here have potential for abuse. The 'community voting groups' are not focused on creating great content, group voting has potential for abuse. What's the answer to these issues? I don't know. . .but I see them, I observe them, and I am not blinded by whales saying these things are good.


great points, the thing of it is, we need to get the steemit page running strong again... you can't expect a broad base of people to log-in thru alternative websites, it's too confusing and is a confidence killer... everything online is about ease of use and consistency / peace


Yes, we need SteemIT back Strong. I believe they will fix the problems, which are based on security and someone has attacked with DDOS attacks. This is an issue that has security answers, so it wil be fixed.


let us hope


There's no civil war between Busy and Steemit. They actually work on each others projects since some time ago.

Steem was built to be UI independent in this sense. That's how we try out new ideas.


I'm new here (100 days) and I'm mostly on SteemIT. . . I didn't know that they collaborate. I don't see the need for multiple sites, unless one site is providing features different than the other. I'm fine with the independent UI perspective....

I am on everytime I am on desktop and laptop. Infact compare to, is faster and comes with almost complete icon guide. Since it is still in beta we will going to expect more and more user freindly functionality.

Yes.I am always following you and upvoted. Working Bad? Try saying fuck it and going outside instead!

It's been working for me ;)


I just got back from working on my it working yet?


now now... let's not lose our britches

knowledge exceptional in technology advanced

Very informative, though is an alternative steem have more feature. Is own by steemit if not how is it integrated?


Busy and Steemit both connect to the Steem blockchain. You can try both and see which one you like best.

As I have understood it, Busy developers are independent but currently working together with developers on Steemit.


Thanks for your kind response

Nice info t

Thanks for information! Excellent idea

great idea man......

Yo! I like it gets the job done!

I only found out about this yesterday. LOL

Thank you for this!


You have shared such a wonderful information for Steemit Community. Thanks for sharing.

I think is kind of cool

Thanks for the info. Its great one can access Steemit from other sources.

Can we make transactions on
Anyone why steemit is working bad lately?

i believe their concept are both similar only little different. i love steemit

So, you have figured out a way to bookmark? I'd like to try that!

yeaah, i think i WILL try out, just to switch things up a bit. thanks

Never even noticed the messaging! But I'm spending most of my time on the busy beta site nowadays. Once busy v2 is finished it's gonna be the cat's meow. assuming you like cats, of course.
edit: commented from site!

Even with, people are having some trouble.


to me worked flawless but who knows

Thanks for the insight! I saw busy, but wasn't quite sure what it was...

Please follow me!! I'm new but will have consistent content and photography! I will follow also thanks!

gonna go try it right now!

Isnt' Busy supposed to get a new look real soon?


There's a lot of work yet to be done on the new version. But anyone can reach out to the guys in Busy channel on if they want to beta test. (I suggest you do!)



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Wow!! Great post!! Keep posting such posts good luck!

very good notification ,,

Always a treat to come back for new findings on Crypto. Thanks for introducing us to busy.

Thanks for the info, although I'm new and haven't really experienced some things but I'll give a try.

Thanks for sharing.

Id heard of other "portals", Thanks for introducing us to this.

Steemit regularly gives me an issue on my one phone, Its old, but still BOINCing away. when my main phone is updating or otherwise involved I browse with my oldie. Will deffinately have to give this a try.


Thanks for the post. This information will be helpful to people who experience trouble logging into the main site.

Now I love more and more. Still not that used to that but when Steemit is continuously down lately. I've found much better.

wow...its a great post to share..keep it up @kingscrown ...upped

I dont understand a lot of this articles, there is some one can learn me?

Do they take a % of your rewards to use it?

It was such a blessing this week when Steemit was struggling! Thanks for sharing more info about it! It's a great service, and I love the Bookmarks!!!!

Very useful posts buddy. I liked it

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@Kingscrown, I just tried and so far, it's nice. you are right, it is an easier way to access the block chain and post. I'm going to be working on this and seeing how it works.

interesting, has not known that it can works in another way, thx is a great alternative, but I also used to use