STEEM is the most active Blockchain Right now and BTS the second!

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Due to how Graphene is made and how many things happen on two most popular chains of this social media site - BTS and STEEM blockchains are responsible for most actions. Sometimes that change switch places but for right now

STEEM is the king of activity out of all coins!

Yet look how low marketcap of both coins is compared to their working way worse competitors.

This shows how Graphene owns other systems and may also give us an idea how EOS capacity will work in future.

While all of you reading this know - STEEM is the social media site where posting happens, BTS is a system which core idea is decentralized exchange which it runs a few.

The most popular one is OpenLedger which is free, secure and you should get there.

OL Markets

Loads of coins there has smaller volume (ie STEEM) but there is few coin options ie base currencies there are BTS, EOS, BTC, USD and CNY. Loads of Chinese volume while its normally hard to register for CNY fiat exchanges.

Bitshares Markets

BAE is a native exchange that shares books with all exchange like OpenLedger mentioned, other than this are places you surely know with beloved Binance.

STEEM Markets

As we can see Huobi, Binance and Poloniex are exchanges shared by both but volumes on them look different.

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Thank you for the post, really informative. The data seems very convincing, especially relating to transaction numbers. What is really fascinating is to see the much higher number of Steem transactions compared to Bitcoin. This actually proves that bitcoin is moving away (if it ever was) from being a currency used for transacting (not necessarily only currency tractions) to a store of value. Good to see that people actually use Steem. Utility (and the lack of it for many current cryptos) should be a huge yardstick, and NOT the 'marketcap' that everybody keeps falsely referring to as a major indicator. Thanks!


No, your post has no logic. The high number of STEEM transactions are mostly 10 word crap posts. That doesn't tell you anything about Bitcoin.

EOS is the future, it just that it hasn't arrived yet. Looking forward to its full launch in the market. Ethereum though is making a lot of activities inside its platform and with its many contributors and collaborators, there are a lot of optimism in its future as well. It's really an exciting time in the blockchain world!


How does one acquire EOS?
Will it be a dividend/"airdrop" for holders of ETH in certain wallets?


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Look at the CUI column. We are most active active and the CUI meter needle is barley moving. Now take a look at ETH, the CUI is full to extent.
Even though we have the most activity yet we are barely using the full capacity. Man, I love Steem!

I wonder how fast eos will climb thbe we rankings. I think it will be hard to pass steem and maybe even Bitshares.

How many Steem accounts are just spam though?

Mark Twain, lies, damned lies and statistics.

Sure, STEEM is the most active blockchain. But it is more than 90% cheap little 10 word comments by the minnows under control of @haejin and similar rewards pool exploiters.

So the activity on the blockchain shouldn't be expected to provide any linkage to value.

And sure enough, common sense says that all the little crap posts on STEEMIT are not generating value, and that is also what the market is telling you is true.

I am proud to be part of this community!!!!!

Begs the question:

Does activity mean value? And does value of the service translate into value of the coin?

Excellent news! Steem will grow more and more. It has a lot of good points on favor, and our faith it will be very good.

Thank you for the post and data. It certainly puts it in perspective. I'm waiting for the day steem hit's it stride and grows exponentially. Perhaps with SMTs. Will be very interesting with all the expectation of EOS how it's usage will look after one month and 1 year to judge its adoption...

Coin ranking is at 31 up from 34 this week. I am new to the steem community, but i came into it knowing that it had alot to offer! I think steem has the huge future ahead of it, that Tron and others wish they had already developed!!!13792.gif

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all cryptocurrency market is down now. @kingscrown

All those two currency is Dan's creation.

We will become topper. Just have to be patient and doing our part.

Hemp graphene superior superconductor

What is the website you get these information from?

Good afternoon! I most recently on Steemit, like you. I decided that together we can achieve much and develop faster. Let's increase the power of Steemit together. I followed you hope and you follow me. Glad to new acquaintances! ;)

I join in congratulations, well done guys! This number of users speaks only one thing. That the project is interesting and it is actively developing. Forward to new heights!
Great news guys! Such indicators speak only about one thing, users want to know about the project and this is a movement towards the set goal! Forward and only forward! Welcom

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Hi, I like your post.
I ask you a question: can a project be done from steem?

Steem is really Undervalued