HaasBot GUI/Options - Part 1 [Making STEEM/BTC Bot]

in steem •  6 months ago

After i made my comeback post people started asking "but hwat is Haas, how does it work"?

I would say this is one of coolest bots on the market, since it has pre-built stuff and also you can make it do whatever you want if you have any skill.

It runs on Windows and doesnt take much CPU at all.

I will go with screens and some explanations as i assume thats what will show best how it works.

Today we will speak of bots you make yourself based on their system.

So we make a trade bot and add safeties.

Then we add indicator based on which it will trade.

ANd we see how it would act based on todays price.

We add insurance.

And we can see in tree view what it looks like now.

And how it would act.

As you can see we are on profit but fees ate it, so we need to tweak more.

I literally made this bot now writing the post now it just needs some work and back testing.

If you want to check HaasOnline - BUY HERE and if you gonna buy 1 year license use coupon with my name (yeah literally) and you will get 25% off.

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@kingscrown I do not know about Haas bot. I am going to learn about it.
Thanks you for your share.

HAAS bot is a great tool for advanced traders but if you are still learning i would start with something like Profit trailer. HAAS bot is a bit expensive to jump in without any experience with bots.

they have an awesome product and when i used them i was very satisfied but the automation is definitely for advanced users.

bots are not for everyone you have to know about trading and charts to tell the bot what to do it is not simple

In your first post you made after your time off, you mentioned Hassbot. It was the first time I ever heard of it and I checked it out. It is so ultra useful - I was like a kid in the candy store when I visited the page :-).
Thanks for all this info as well.

You made no mention of price, so I figured I'd look into it for everyone else curious....



indeed i have it since 2 years or more i dont know prices now ;) thanks!

Authentic information. It is so cool.

wow… thanks alot for this wonderful information @kingscrown 🙌🏽🙌🏽👏👏👏👏👏

So, if that bot is so good and you have been using it for 2 years as you claim, how come you still need to use a referral link to make money?


What is the price of a bot. We do not know what the advantages that can be run by the bot. If profitable, of course many are interested. Thank you for giving us a good imformation.

I need to learn about this bot

Love Haasbot been legit making life so much easier. See you on the discord occasionally. Steem has been a great one for me these past few days.