Current price of STEEM, BTS, EOS, PPY and GOLOS - THe Graphene Brothers

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As i said yesterday it was good occasion to buy stuff almost everything is green today. Such big news and just 1 day of drops, means crypto doesnt care much anymore. Worth to use occassion to buy stuff cheap.

Some stuff still didnt recover, but to know whats this about read my yesterdays post.

Lets have a look at Graphene family - coins sharing same base code core.

STEEM (up 14%)

Poloniex is excluded from price so dont think of arbitrages (wallets dont work there) yet this can be done between Bittrex, HitBTC, LiveCoin and OpenLedger. If you dont have accounts on them - its worth to click and make them now ive checked all of those and been having no problems with withdrawals or deposits.

BTS (up 9,8%)

Interesting to see that in top10 there is
Bitshares DEX aka OpenLedger trading PPY vs BTS. Other than this China drives the price and volumes. Yunbi got closed today (not sure for how long) due to china resolutions on ICO.

EOS (up 1,4%)

It is during ICO and has a lot of chinese markets so took a big hit. BitFinex from USA trades the biggest volumes but other than this - China.

GOLOS (up 7,3%)

Just 3 markets so there is plenty that team can do to raise this coins popularity and prices.

PPY (up 5,4%)

Currently just 3 exchanges make volume, good to see Bitshares DEX with such volumes and LiveCoin placed nice.

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Bought EOS yesterday, was a no brainer. Bought some Bitshares too, just can't seem to stop. There is some huge news coming about the Bitshares HERO campaign soon, next leg up for BTS is in sight

I am also buying EOS in cycles. I see the potential of a socialnetwork based on the graphene blockchain. But a smartcontract blockchain based on the graphene blockchain could be huge. A smart-contract platform where you(as a user) do not pay for transactions. This could be incredible huge.

Yes, I'm buying weekly for the duration of the ICO. Dollar cost averaging is the way to win with crypto. Goes up, goes down, don't care.

Hell yeah! Nice job with your $4 comment so far! and yes bitshares are going to be worth $10 and then $50 and $100 each steem will be $10 then $50 then $100 soon !

the graphene network will be super powerful, lol Dan and his dad have great posts and are funny together! Theyve delivered some great networks! Bitshares openledger will continue to grow and people will switch from polonix to the DEX and will reign supreme as the only exchange you need!

soon steemit itself will have an exchange fore bitcoin and fiat!

Anyway you can buy EOS using Exodus Wallet now, use Exodus to keep ur EOS and buy using BTC or LTC or Ethereum ro any of the coins on Exodus walet u can use the built in shapeshift to buy the EOS tokens and keep all there easily all in one program, anyway i feel like a lot of money to be made today!

$10 BTS will be a very happy day for a lot of very deserving people. I can't wait to see it.

ooooh goojob goo job I said GOOOO gooo GIOOOO gooey goo job on getting $3.nintatey fye! u gota da $3.95 datsa tree NINATEAHEE FAHAIVE HHHHH because I SAID a SOOOO hhhh breathes heavily**

I said I want youto listen to the rick steves talka about the germany now aye?

Dang! Nice investment buy low, great for investors with deep pocket.

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Nice post ..
Follow me back 😊

Oh yes i hold HERO too ;)

yes, I'm agree


Ottimo e ben preciso

Great idea, same here. Motivates you get more "doh" to use

Do you think it is safe to buy into EOS, given that it is still an ICO for the next 9 months?

hm... if the price is below the ico price (first 5 days) it is a really good buy.

Buy the same dollar amount weekly for the entire ICO, like me. When price is low you get more tokens, doing really well on average. Dollar cost averaging is the only way to build a position in crypto due to the volatility.

What's Bitshares Hero and where do we see the coins they gave us? I participated in the campaign, but I did not know where to find the wallet. Do you know anything about Hero?

Great. Thanks for sharing!

I should be buying more EOS

Yeah me too. Just imagine, it could be possible that steemit could move to EOS and interact with other different projects like prediction markets, stablecoins, exchanges and and and. Huge potential.

STEEM to the MOON !

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I hope soon steem will be 2$

I was in the expectation that the price down more, to buy. I am sad now

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Well everything needs to crash before it rises. I think of steem like a Phoenix that will crash and burn and then rise from the ashes to fly all the way to the moon

i hope so! Steem is up to $1.54 now!!!

Well the price of steem is sort of inflated at times from what I've read. But I believe that it will crash before it rises again though. Some people have predicted steem to be at $5 by the end of the year so who knows :o

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This post received a 1.5% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @arthestically! For more information, click here!

The Graphene blockchain is the best we have, as fare as I know. I have been thinking about making a stacking coin based on Graphene, but I don't know if Graphene is open source? And I dont know how to program it, do you have any informations in this regard?

Don't forget Decent is built using Graphene:


I bought more EOS yesterday.

Times like these make me feel that I should always have some reserve cash. Missed buying Steem at 1USD a month back and now again. Hoping that we will have one more dip and I will have reserve money by then :P

Thanks for keeping us updated with what's happening,much appreciated and thanks for sharing.

The best crypto team in the market!)

I knew I should have bought more when it dipped below 4k. There was not a good reason for that big of a drop. Remember how much longer it would take to recover from pboc early 2017. Now bitcoin shakes it off in a day!

I have bought my first 760 BTS yesterday. Hopefully, I made a good timing. Thanks for updates @kingscrown and @johnsmith for the HERO news.

Can Steem go to 2 this time?

Hold :)

I bought steem @ $2 so no difference for me so far - waiting for it to go from 2 and up

Steem up 35% to $1.50 NOW!!! :)

Good news.....

Steem price like bounce 😁


Nice analysis. I see Steem is still doing pretty good :-)

Why wouldn't it? Cryptos are basically latest tech hell extensions like steemit are cutting edge =))

I'm agree

I love the country of Venezuela, especially since it is friendly to the Arabs

@kingscrown You still hold OMG right mate? Im trying to purchase weekly chunks before the holiday season around the corner.

I was saying the same thing, it was a buy in oppurtunity for sure!

I have a question. the opportunity of buying still being good today?

Absolutely. I believe that Bitcoin is headed higher, but litecoin has been the underdog , bitcoin may double but Litecoin has the chance to triple, either way everything is a risk, but I still believe in both as well as Etherium and Dash.
If crypto worries you, silver is at rock bottom prices.
Just my opinion but I'm diversified in them all.

Monero is also programing a fork at the end of this month. After that, It could double too. Right now it is at around $120. One of the things that it is good about monero is the amount of developers that it has behind and nobody owns the coin, like Bitcoin.

Yeah I've been watching it. Thanks.

good post...and good informations...thank you

My 1500 STEEM worth was almost 1.5 bitcoin!!!
I was sure steem will continue and go up to 10$ and was very optimistic regarding STEEM but the reality slapped on my face.
Today STEEM price in bitcoins is 0.0002575!! - it lost about 75% in confront of the bitcoin in only 3 month - my 1500 STEEM are worth about 0.386 bitcoins (lost 1.114 bitcoins).
It was one of my worst investments ever.

Yes, sure, I can hope that STEEM will go up 300% (4.$) and I will see STEEM at its all time high levels and beyond - in the cryptocurrencies world it is possible but for today i am 75% down :( and holding

With that being said though, Steem is a good investment because you earn more on here when you have more Steem Power (: And it WILL be hitting that $10 mark soon!

Can you please elaborate on what you wrote above? "... you earn more here when you have more Steem Power" How much Steem Power do you consider is "enough" and how do you earn more with more steem power?

Thank you for your answer.

Good question. When you have more Steem Power, you have more influence on Steemit, as in, you help others find the quality posts. Because of this, people can get what are called Curation Rewards, in the form of Steem Power that comes in depending on how popular the posts you upvoted turn out to be, or how much you influence the post.

If you zoom way in on this picture of my recent curation rewards, which I got from, you will see that rewards come in quite frequently, which is pretty cool.

I recommend everybody get to ~ 500 SP so that they can become a "Minnow" or what I call Level 2 User, which allows you to earn more curation rewards and also choose what % of your maximum upvote you want your upvote to be.

Good news

Quality content :) to up with you

just did a small investment as well

@kingscrown In a good analysis, I see steam is still working very well, I was talking about that, indeed it was sure.

nice, keep up pls!

Thank you for the info :)

nice avatar!

thanks the infomation..

i told the same that yesterday was good day for buy the deeps

i an expecting steem to move up more than this level by now , but what can be the factor holding it back often.

I picked up tons of OMG 😬

Good post. I was lucky enough to jump on the bandwagon in the red!

Thanks for sharing!

don't forget komodo with a new major announcement in 3 days, it's skyrocketing now with +34%
OmiseGO are +30% also

This is super great.
I'm gonna subscribe to it right away...
Thank you @kingscrown

Steem has always been one of my top picks in crypto. I just wish I could write good enough stuff to get more than 1 vote.

Very good article. Thanks you.

@kingscrown Thanks for the info, I have a little PPY and might consider selling now considering it's +5%

I found your this post while searching for some related information on thread search. ..Its a good post..keep posting and update the information.


I'm going for some GOLOS!

Good News! Thanks for updates, upvote & resteem post

Thanks for sharing..Take advantage of the dips! We are still going to the moon!

Cool why to


Very informative post you have there.

Great. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing.

Very good.. :))

Graphene Portfolio will do well in difficult time.

I don't have a lot of faith in PPY after their latest website launch. looks like amatuer hour, I don't think it's going to take off at all.

I'm new in steemit. not daring to say much. I just said a very good post. always success,! thank you!

graphene tech for the long run

Nice, thanx.

Hy good article.I follow you.If you are interested than check my post and follow me

nice post

Was very informative, keep it up!

amazing price /@kingscrown

Let's profit together

your perception is right i think @kingscrown

Thank you for the update

Thank you for bringing this article to general steemit community . Analytical portion regarding POLONIEX sounds great.. :)

gracias por compartir este contenido con nosotros te di un voto espero que te guste

Thanks for the information sir.

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good post, thank you for posting

whether this price will continue to rise for several days or vice versa ?

good post

Thank for share


Very useful report! Thank you very much @kingscrown. Following your post for more news and tips!


Is BTS the buy, that's the question

Have yet to buy into this crypto

It is cool man, we all are in green for the day.

Yes! I was watching for Steem to go below a dollar yesterday, but knew that even $1.08 was a steal! Quick 14% profit!

Cryptocurrency is a great thing to post about people need to know that this is the next big event in human history. Thanks for the info =]

good infomation

EOS has to be the worst investment i have made so far. I'm down 80% ..
Now that China exchanges are banning NEO, TENX, OMG and EOS (just to name a few) i think the price will drop even more. It might be time to move everything to BTC again.

Great info. Thanks for sharing

Thank you so much for sharing this post @kingscrown. This is such a valuable and a useful information. Keep it up! You have a great idea!

Tell me what so good about Hero? Probably I miss one of your blogs.

14% is music to my ears.

nice blog

like it

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

so they are going up after little blowdown.
Thanks for sharing

Nice post sir, i has upvote your post, i'll be back

Steem is the biggest gainer, and this shows the trust people have in it. Almost double gains as compared to the others.

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What about dogcoin ??