When creates an account for a new user it delegates part of their voting power from one of their accounts. That way new users have a little bit more say while they build up their own funds. It's temporary but I am not sure how long it lasts.

Mine, it only lasted for 6 days .

Mine seems to last until I reached a total of 15.00 steem on my own. The delegates steem will adjust and decrease so to keep a total of 15.00 in my wallet, when I go over 15.00 the delegated steem became 0.

The delegates steem amount is not adjusted in real-time, looks like there’s is a scheduled job, which means if I receive a payout, until that scheduled job usb run, I will have more than 15.00 steem power in total.

That was extremely helpful! Thank you for that tidbit of information. So basically we are in debt until we can pay off the steem that was loaned to us. So as a new user, if you purchase 15 steem you will still have only 15 steem because of the debt. (I hope I got that right)

That’s correct, at least based on my observation

Thank you this made it clear! I have 2.111 + 12.981 delegated so it ads up to 15.092 STEEM so this makes sense!

Yes you are totally right. After reaching total of 15 steem it will become zero

Cool, thanks for the explanation!

From my understanding, delegated Steem Power is just Steem Power someone is lending you from their account. Basically, someone thinks your opinion matters and wants to help you out a bit with better rewards and such.

I could also be totally wrong on that. That comment is based on what I swear I read awhile back in various tutorials and FAQ articles here on Steemit.

You're right. For new accounts, it's Steemit that's lending Steem Power for 30 days or so, and that's likely the case here.

VERY confusing to ME also! :(

Interesting... Since I also seem to have some delegated SP I was wondering the same thing. (btw... Where/How can I check that 'label' to make sure that's what this amount actually is?)
Does anybody know what happens with those delegated SP over time (after the "30 days or so")? Do they disappear (are returned to the lender (@steem)) or are they added to the 'regular' SP in the wallet??
Thanks. :)

Can People Lend Delegated Steem For Personal Gain ❔

Anyone can buy x❾ the amount of 90 day of Delegated Steem compared to just Steem on BlockTrades. I guess this means that you can rent your Steem to get a return on it? I don't know, but that wold be a nice return and safe too.
I appears people can buy 9 ETH of Steem Power then make someone HeMan for 90 days for 1 ETH. I can stand on both sides of that deal and like it. Speculation but going off what everyone's words were on the topic this seems right to me.
With 810 ETH to invest, after 90 days of equal lending the lender could make 1 ETH/Day, forever if they lent out the Steem as it came back to them. Is this correct?

Just buy Delegated Steem and rent it out to people at
Have you tried this? Jerry Banfield's article called, "Earn 24% Renting Steem Power with MinnowBooster! #8" in Steemsecrets (Secret #8) states everything we should know on this issue. @jerrybanfield

Just really figured that out and that is crazy its like renting your rent house. Thanks came back to reuse your link before singing up cuz I clicked around.

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