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STEEM has been gaining volume on Poloniex over the past few days. We will soon have the ability to upload video through IPFS to steemit.com (see road map here: https://steem.io/roadmap/ipfs/) We have been in consolidation after an aggressive uptrend. We have had some great news over the past week and its great to see the Steem Community continue to grow. I want to give insight to anyone considering making an investment in STEEM. This will give you a basic formula you can use to calculate the number of liquid STEEM at any given time. It would be great if someone can get a website up and running using this formula specifically so we can track it at all times live.


Go to steemd.com

Look at the values for : current_supply, total_reward_fund_steem and total_vesting_fund_steem

FORMULA: current_supply - total_reward_fund_steem - total_vesting_fund_steem = liquid steems

Calculate percentage supply available: liquid steems / current_supply * 100 = liquid steems %

Once a whale understands the value in powering up I expect the STEEM price to continue to rise. STEEM will be a valuable token in the future if this platform continues to thrive. Right now, as I'm writing this, there are 5,228,650.259 liquid steems which is 3.9% of all STEEM available across all exchanges today.

Reference: https://steemit.com/steem/@samupaha/why-steem-price-is-rocketing-but-volume-is-low

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