Why You Should Read | 3 Of My Favorite Reading Quotes

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Exciting stuff is happening on the Steem blockchain. HF20 is dropping next month and SMTs finally got a release date. I plan on talking about those at some point, but I had this post in the pipeline and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Reading is something that I've done for years now. When I was growing up in the school system, I never read. I refused to do the assigned reading that my teachers would give me and I would stand my ground about never doing the summer readings either.

I grew up my entire childhood thinking that I absolutely hated reading. I never wanted to do it and I thought that I would never want to do it ever again.

Everything changed for me when I started listening to the Tim Ferriss podcast. Tim somehow made it seem really cool and interesting to read.

He made me want to read to become a better version of myself and to progress in life. I always had colossal ambitions and I always wanted to achieve greatness. Tim convinced me that I'd have to read in order to do that.

Reading has since become one of my favorite habits. I read every single morning. Some days are busier than others and I'll read less than I'd like to but I always get at least 1 hour of reading in before starting my day.

I hope to inspire some others to read as well, I think it's one of the most underrated habits - especially in these times of on-demand videos and audio constantly circulating around us. Here are a few of my favorite reading quotes that inspire me to read every day.


I saw this tweet a few months ago and was instantly obsessed with it. I get fired up when I think about this quote while I'm reading.

I think about how the author I'm reading spent years of his/her life learning this material and then spent more years putting it into a package to present to me via the written word. All the lessons and knowledge that they have gained about this topic is now being fed to me on a silver platter.

Reading is not something to dread. It's not something that you should be afraid of. It's something that you should look forward to. It's something that will make you exponentially smarter because you're walking in someone else's shoes for the duration of the book. It's a unique opportunity, don't squander it.

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body" - Joseph Addison

I'm a huge proponent of physical exercise. Working out has been an anchor in my life since I was 14 and first walked into a gym.

Reading has so many fascinating similarities to working out. Similar to working out, reading is a skill that is built through repetition and consistency.

If you read sporadically, then you're well aware of how hard it is to cultivate the habit to read every day and for certain time periods. Reading sporadically is nearly impossible for me. I have to read every day and keep the momentum going. If I stop reading for a few days in a row, then it's like an addict falling off the wagon - I run into trouble and everything else in my life suffers for my lack of reading.

That's why I make it a point to set aside specific time for reading. I do the same thing with working out. It's something that must happen, I never waiver from these 2 habits.

"Reading is an active, imaginative act; it takes work. -Khaled Hosseini

I love this quote because it addresses a common misconception about reading. So many people think that reading is some empty act, something that you can just do while you do something else. Comparative to watching TV, for example.

Reading is the complete opposite to me. Reading is something that requires my 100%, unwaivering attention. I can't do 3 things while I read. I can't check my phone while I read. I can't scroll through my twitter feed while I read a book. It just doesn't work that way.

Reading requires me to zone in on the author's words. I'm always imagining what the author was thinking when they wrote a specific line. When I'm reading a true master of the craft, I can feel the emotion of the words and the lessons become ever more powerful and present to me.

What's your favorite time of day to read? What's your favorite quote about reading?

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there is an argument that we all read. An average smartphone user absorb thousands of content everyday via facebook, twitter, steemit, etc the vital question here is: what are you reading? it's a question of value. there millions of insignificant informations streaming through the cyber space and most of us have become junkies, feeding on cheap irrelevent information.
I view reading as an opportunity to diversify one's experience and knowledge. like a writer once said, readers live a thousand lives (paraphrased, I don't do well with quotes). Ignorance is so boring and sometimes I wonder how people cope without knowing. being aware is the meaning of life, and books keep you alert and aware.
I had a read 54 books this year goal, but my phone got spoilt and i lost all my soft copy books. plus im writing my final year project, so there is a lot on my plate. well this is my excuse, but i have read close to 25 books this year if I am not mistaken

My favorite time of the day to read isn't during the day at all, it's at night. Maybe finish up a book right before dawn? There's something about letting your imagination do it's thang when the sun isn't out. I guess the moon helps me visualize. The sun almost blinds me, it takes a bit more effort for me to read something and maintain the context while reading as fast as I would normally at night, during the day. My creativity is the same way, not only much more active after dusk, but quicker and capable of new routes (techniques) that were either not achievable before and now are attainable. However, once the sun starts peeking his giant head around that horizon, there's a shift in my body's energy and not only the way I'm projecting, but the way I'm feeling and how I am processing the information that I am receiving. Learning is so much easier at night. I'm not a daytime citizen, but I need to be today due to appointments. Why are nightfolks forced to adapt to being daywalkers, but daylight ladies and chaps can't stay up past 10 lol? Seems like a double standard to me...

Reading broaden our horizon.... through reading our skills will be improved...we become confident when we speak because we can share sensible information, we can express ourselves in writing and also it is a good exercise for the brain.... before I don't read a lot as much as I read now... Indulging myself in reading makes the better version of me too... in my school, in my work and in meetings because I can relay significant information to others...

Your right khaleelkazi....make reading a habit ....30 mins for a start wont do any harm....to all stay cool and be ready to unleash your imagination!!!!


It is so beautiful to see that there are still people who are passionate about reading. Reading definitely helps us to grow a lot more as people, not to mention that we also acquire impressive knowledge when reading. Good to meet you for this post, I hope to continue reading your publications. Greetings from faraway lands (Venezuela). Hugs.

I'm glad you're also passionate about reading, I'm from Venezuela like you. Hugs and luck

Do you have good access to books in Venezuela? Is it easy to purchase them or order them? In tough economic times, books could be a hidden treasure.

Nice post! Good quotes. It’s pretty sad how little people actually read books of value.

What’s a good read you have had lately?

Thank you!! I totally agree. Many people do little reading at all these days unless it's in an instagram feed.

Homo Deus is definitely up there on best books I've read this year. I'd say The Alchemist is another good one and then also How to Change Your Mind by Michael Pollen is something I'm currently reading as well. How about you?

Nice! Some good books there. I've been through them all too. Most recent three are Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield (for the 3rd and 4th time), Our Universal Journey by George Kavassilas, and Improv Wisdom by Patricia Ryan Madson.

Yea, that insta feed browsing really shows on peoples intelligence these days, sadly.

I haven't read "Turning Pro" yet, but I have read Pressfield's "The War of Art". It was very good.

A lot of similar info in the two, turning pro is shorter. Worth the read still. All of his books are worth the read, especially the ones that deal with resistance.

Read, become articulate, transform the world:

Great argument. Thanks for sharing this video!

What books do you recommend reading?

Right now I am reading Principles by Ray Dalio. He has a mini-series on Youtube where you can get an introduction to the book

. What are you reading?

I'm reading "Getting Things Done" by David Allen and "Reinvent Yourself" by James Altucher.

Reading is definitely a great way to become a better human being. It allows for mind shifts that would otherwise have taken a long stretch of trial and error to accomplish.

Great points you make here, thanks!

I totally agree with you. Reading is one of the most underrated habits. But those who read oftenly will agree with me if you read a story, sometimes the authors make the story so descriptive that one believes he is in the story and is constantly feeling things, familiar with environment and can appreciate the beauty mentioned in the story. It takes a great deal to write and even greater deal and luck to get appreciated. But everyone should have a habit of reading. Not only for recreation purposes but for knowledge as well.

Fully agree with you mate, i also love reading but the main point is quality if content. Internet is flooded with articles, most of them are duplicate copies, only some are good.

What books do you recommend reading?

Your article is well written. I admire your talent.

I also love to read...many times I enjoy reading posts here on Steemit that I forgot to post. Whenever I read I feel like something added in me. I feel the writers and sometimes I put myself in theirs shoes. Thanks @khaleelkazi for encouraging us to read and read...

My pet hate is wasting my time. Whether it is time sitting on the toilet, or in a bus or train, or waiting for an appointment (whether at the doctor, dentist or for business, they all seem to have no respect for my time and are late).

I always have a book with me, which means that not only is time not wasted, but I often learn something or come across an idea that delights me like an epiphany, or, for that time, if the story is creatively written, I live in a world that exists within the mind of another human being, which is a great bonus, for it means that apart from the original gift of life I was given, I get to share and live other lives.

I'm always scouring for interesting matter to read in Steemit. Anything to do with crypto pays well, but I'm not inclined to read them, but science well explained, poetry and fiction, if they touch my inner world, those can keep me up all night.

When I find something good on Steemit, it literally hurts me to see that most such writers just cannot get readers and a decent reward for their time and talent.

So I also hope many of you turn to reading, so that you grow and brighten your lives, while you also help provide the writers some motivation for posting their gems on Steemit.

I need to get into the habit of always having a book with me. Good advice.

I love how a good story has the power to transport you to a whole other world. 🙂

And I never use a Kindle or any technological device to read. Good old fashioned books are so much better, in my opinion.

I mostly read physical paper books, too. I've tried to get into reading e-books, but so far it hasn't worked well for me. Also, I don't like how Amazon seems to have so much influence on the e-book market.

Thank you so much for this informative post. Agree 100% - it is really sad, that most people don't like to read anymore.

I had very fruitful discussions with many different persons about this. Many were asking what quality teaching in schools has and if schools still encourage to read. With me school was a true motivation when it comes to reading books. But this was long ago and much changed since that time I suppose.

I love books, I love how they smell and love to hold something real in my hands.

Now, I think that schools end up discouraging people from reading. It's not necessarily intentional, but when you are graded and judged on your reading, it takes the fun out of it.

I like the comparative you drew between reading and working out at the gym, seeing as to how the brain is also a muscle that needs to be trained on a daily basis to keep it performing on all cylinders.

I've only recently started reading printed materials again, and this piece does resonate well with me. My current read is Russell Brand's Revolution. Do give it a try, I find it very entertaining as I'm a fan of his stand-up, and his style of writing complements his stage persona too. Keep up the writing!

Glad you've started reading again. Keep it up!

Books ........I love to read non fiction type .
Have plenty of them .yet not get enough time to read

What are some non-fiction books that you recommend?

Eat pray love

My favorite time of the day to read is Evening, feel fresh while read.
my favorite 'quote is If you read you will be succeed'- DR. Babasaheb Ambedkar.
By reading we will get Knowledge, improve focus and concentration, memory improvement and many so on.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

What are some of your favorite books? I'm currently reading "Getting Things Done".

Like the first quote so much. Cool analogy!

The first is my favorite!! It's what prompted me to write the post!! That's one of my favorite twitter accounts as well. Whoever is behind it is simply a genius ;)

I am glad that there are still people passionate about reading, steemit has helped me to open my imagination and to be able to help others giving my bit, vote for him please

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Hi @khaleelkazi it is really a nice article. Before steemit, I was not good at reading and I looked at it as a time waster but with steemit have learnt to appreciate the beauty behind it. I have gained a lot of knowledge from reading and also it is hard to survive on steemit if you hate reading

Very nice post. Glad that you've found someone to motivate you on reading. Yes, I agree that reading is an essential component part of life. It's one of the motivational drivers to prepare and propel anyone in life on the journey of their choosing.

And i think it's never to late to want to learn reading. It's the pathway to knowledge.

Indeed, reading can evoke all kinds of emotions, which gives you the experience of what it's like to be in that experience being conveyed.

super thanks for the words. it is as you say it. I have a lot of trouble getting a book and reading quietly because I hate it. deep down I know that reading books is good. last week, several people told me that it is good to read books. your article confirms it. I'm going to do my best.

Reading books can potentially change your life. Start with something you are interested in.

Great post. I've been an avid reader ever since I learned how, but I have to admit that the older I get, the busier I get, and I haven't been reading much lately. Your article inspired me to make sure I have at least some reading time every day.

I completely agree! I read so many books before I went to college. I now have to make time for reading... but it is worth doing. I feel a lot better when I'm reading. My mind feels more active and alive.

Beautiful ♥

Nice post! Readers are known to be leaders. Nothing can replace reading for a person who intends to achieve greatness because, it helps you stand on the shoulders of great men who have gone through that route before you. Keep it up!


That graphic shows a lot of books, though the depiction of being thrown around in the air is not good. Many books contain words and pictures that need to be respected and handled with care. Depending on the content, it could also be highly sinful/blasphemous to have books thrown in the air/mishandled.

True talk Prince! But in this case the picture with books flying in the air is trying to send one message, which is, the lady is greatly inspired and motivated by all the books around her and she so excited that she can't control her emotions. Cheers.


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quotes always mesmerise

Nice word about reading

Read to acknowledge, read to know!
Read to feel it, read to glow!
Don't read too fast, read it slow!
Make it your habbit, give it a blow!

HF20 new to block chain , let’s Whats der for us in this project , let’s this get launch on blockchain


Creative Image! wow buddy

Good post

Great post. I am an advid reader as well. The habit is great for the mind and soul.

Once you learn to read, you will be forever free

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body" - Joseph Addison just epic

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Reading has changed you! Personally, I quite like the phrase that reading is theft!!

Es un buen post...

Poetry is The rhythmic arrangement of words, which expresses the feelings, understanding and thought of a poet and with the help of analogy-pictorial imagery and adds good audibility to the rhythmic use of words. Poetry is different in terms of structure

"Books are a uniquely portable magic." -Stephen King

Lovely and beautifl weekend! :D

Brilliant work great job mate

In my case the best time for reading is every moment. I want to say that I ready to read always. It can early morning if I have free time. It can be during road to or from my work if I need to refresh something in my mind. Or it's similar interesting book. And of course I can to read before going to bed. So that's why I can enjoy reading every moment when I am not working or busy.

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Reading definitely helps us to grow a lot more as people, not to mention that we also acquire impressive knowledge when reading. Good to meet you for this post,

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Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man and writing an exact man by Francis Bacon
I basically like reading because I write for my blog and I also love how my imagination speeds up with reading books of different genres.

Love this! Great read.
Great quotes too.

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Yes, reading can make people progress and calm down.

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@khaleelkazi I fond of collecting knowledge by reading, I really appreciate your passion about reading and sharing your knowledge.

Can you please write about how to overcome negative thoughts and be successful after getting dipressed by failure a lot of times??

wow looking good.
I am new in here please help me and upvote me.

Really nice article. I also want to read and make reading a regular habit. Thanks

wow looking good.
I am new in here please help me and upvote me.

Nutrition for the mind - reading and your post too.

great job

I was not that fund o reading. But no I try to read as much as can particularly early in morning. Of course, we must avoid distraction while reading. Power of the words can illeffect you thought if we are not pay attention to meaning of sentences.

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Thanks! Excited by SMTS. Following.

Nice write up. I'll work on reading. It has been difficult to me forming a reading habit but with this am gonna try

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Very very informative and creative post.

“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”
― Harry Truman

Keep reading!

True, it's very important and wonderful. Many people don't read but reading is like to be in other world.

Nice qoutes!

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nice article man, I love your writing

Cool analogy 👍

The word is our light

@khaleelkazi : I like that picture!!

Regards of @shaly

When you read your imagination power will increase you view towards others will chang
You will be better person.
Thanks for the post and most importantly for the quotes Khaleel vai

I'm starting to read a business book a week. Last week I read "The Referral Engine" and this week I'm reading "Getting Things Done". I'm getting a lot out of it already.

I was quite the opposite during school. I was a voracious reader and ate knowledge like pigeons eat anything;) I enjoyed history most of all and still gravitate to it til this day. You're right, people spend hours researching a book, days, years to compile the basic knowledge to put it together. I wrote a manuscript it took me two years after 5 years of testing, reading, trying only to have it unpublished at the end of the day as the market crash of 2009 thanks to a certain US president. Instead I became a buyer of books as they were so cheap at that point,
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it's refreshing to see that people still do read.

I usually read only when I need to, more of topic driven. This is due to my hectic working schedule.

I think reading is about knowledge, what is the use of reading if u can't make our own thoughts!!

i didn't read book for almost six years since my kids born,
reading is a good habit,
just like experience the writer's life.

my environment of my life of circle are small,
read others book just like open a windows for myself and gain my knowledge.

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reading is very good habit we can learn lots of things with the help of reading.

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So amazing and interesting I also like read the books because he is best companion in loneliness