The Most Exciting News of 2018 for the Steem Blockchain?

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I do my best to keep up with development on the Steem blockchain as I also wear and juggle the hats of being a business owner, land developer, amateur writer and investor.

I am by no means a technical developer of any kind. I have 0 knowledge of coding (other than a little HTML as I’ve had to mess with some web development in the past). If you put some Javascript or anything Github related in front of me, I’ll be horribly confused.

In fact, Github is something that I had no experience with until I got into the world of crypto. I’ve been hindered a bit by my limited technical know-how especially because many of the development of our favorite crypto projects happens over on Github and if you want to see what’s going on, then you kind of have to learn how to navigate and interpret the actions over there.

The Steem, Inc team just released a new blog post 3 hours ago that’s titled: “Tracking SMT Development Progress”

When I saw that pop up in my feed, my heart rate went to what seems like 180 BPM… SMTs are obviously one of the paramount reasons to be excited about the future of the blockchain.

SMTs will do to the Steem blockchain what ERC20 tokens did to the Ethereum blockchain x20 (in my opinion). I don’t fully understand all of the underlying technology and development going on here, but I can still see what’s right in front of me.

The Ethereum blockchain exploded in growth because of the ERC20 protocol. The thing that makes me really excited is that Steem has an entirely different community behind it than Ethereum. Steem has already proven that entrepreneurialism, innovation, hard work and down right genius lies deep within it’s core and runs thick roots throughout the entire community.

There are many ERC20 projects that are really interesting, but I’m of the opinion that Steempreneurs are WAY better suited to create some truly jaw-dropping applications.

On top of all that, the Steem blockchain is technologically superior - although, please correct me if I’m wrong. As I said, I’m no dev.

From the point of view of someone with a moderate technical knowledge, the Steem blockchain seems to have these qualities that make it superior:

  • the blockchain is faster
  • fee-less
  • more scalable
  • more accessible
  • more connected (social apps - dtube, dlive, steemit, etc.)
  • has far more utility
  • etc.

Anyways, back to the news.

The Steem, inc team announced that there’s a new way to track the development of SMTs in real-time. An easily accessible way for people with limited technical knowledge (like myself!).

This GitHub link shows all of the “backlog” items (which I think represents the items that need to be worked on before SMTs launch - again, correct me if I’m wrong).

On the right side of that backlog are the items in the “done” column - I’m assuming this means the these are items that have already been completed from the backlog column.

Further than that, my knowledge of how to read GitHub is quite limited. If you know how to read this than please let me now your thoughts of it in the comments below, feel free to link your own post if you in fact made a post about how to read this (something I highly recommend doing because of people like me needing it!)

What I'm trying to get at as someone who's very interested in the development of the blockchain is that the Steem, Inc team has tremendously upped their game.

Many people have complained that the team has been horrible about announcing release dates, keeping the community in the loop about their development, etc. and they have responded by being far more transparent and talkative over the past few months.

This latest tracking page for SMTs is really exciting to me because it shows the next step in the team's evolution: allowing us to see the development happen in real-time.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this in the comments below. Whether you have technical knowledge or not, I'd love to hear what you're thinking about.

In my opinion, all the latest news and now this way to track the devleopment of SMTs is the most exciting news I've heard about the Steem blockchain in 2018... Well, maybe it's at least tied with Steem Monsters 😉


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I have been waiting on the news about the development of the SMTs for a while now and to be honest I was somehow beginning to run out of patience. I know these things need enough time to be properly developed, scrutinized and tested but come on...I know y'all have been impatient as I have been and at some point wondered what happened to SMTs? Glad to hear that Steem Inc has finally released a new update on SMTs. Perhaps I have been missing on other updates but all the same, this is really great positive news. Gives me some sort of hope and adds to my excitement. And by the way I can totally relate to how your heart reacted after you reading the news. It sure is news to make someone's heart jump up to 180 BPM. Steem Smart Media Tokens will totally be a game changer to the Steem ecosystem. I am also positive it will bring alot of dapp developers to Steem then Steem blockchain can start rivaling Ethereum. Personally, I have been so frustrated by how slow and very expensive the Ethereum blockchain is when it comes to moving ERC-20 tokens or even sending Eth. I bet the slowness is simply because it's overcrowded (would love to understand the technical side from an expert ) Yes it might be the King of Smart Contracts but if Vitalik can't scale then Steem will surpass it once the SMTs development is complete. That is actually what I foresee happening. Afterall Steemit is the most active and fastest blockchain network as far as I am aware. You also happen to mention something of that sort in this post.Lol !! So yeah bet i'm right. Let's just say the Steem blockchain is a gem that is very undervalued. Like so so undervalued.
It would also be interesting to see platforms such as dtube, dmania and dlive have their own SMT token just like Hunt Platform, Air-Clinic, and Actifit.
Also,another thing I am waiting to see is how well Steem blockchain performs against the other top 10 blockchain networks (mainly EOS, Tron, Stellar) in terms of dapp development once the SMTs have fully launched.


what price you think smt can make steem?


I would prefer not to speculate just yet...I am also not so good at predicting crypto prices and therefore I wouldn't want to give an exaggerated prediction. But I strongly believe SMTs will have a very positive impact on the price of Steem and entire Steem ecosystem.


We cant say about that exactly..


This is great i love it

good blog bro

I think it is the price, always dropping. Oh, when is the possible bullish time?

Thanks for pointing me to this tracking page

updated 4 days ago


I'm not quite sure how to access your post @ingoda... but I'd love to find out what it says

Finally another person who is mad into learning tech and doesn’t have a clue about github. Is there any courses on github or do you just watch YouTube videos. Trying to learn python myself. I hear it’s the best language to learn to move on . I always get to a certain spot in computer languages but then the courses get too complicated or I don’t have the capacity to learn it.

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Thanks for sharing this awesome blog @khaleelkazi

Maybe for most of the people this new crypto language is something from a Futuristic Renaissance Era but i think who wants to keep up the time with it will do if not ... they will find something else that suits to them ... Anniway i believe that the Future is built in front of our very eyes ... we think it's all milk and honey ... maybe ... who knows


Hi, Khaleel Kazi @khaleelkazi I Appreciate Your Great Work on Steemit and I have just Upvoted You and I Hope return your favor

Really well said. This is the first I have heard of "Steempreneurs" and I love the concept; I think it captures the essence of the early adopters of the platform. While I cannot comment directly on the latest tracking page for SMT (as I am not a tech dev person myself) your excitement is infectious! Will be doing my homework to get caught up, thanks for sharing.

Your steemit contains very interesting topics :o!

Very interesting, thank you @khaleelkazi

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moon so near yet so far

Let's hope they meet the deadlines!

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Thanks mate! encouraging post for beginners like me.

In bull cycle every good news spikes prices... in bear cycle they have little to no effect. Does not really matter how good are the news. I'm still very positive about steem but I'm not euphoric about it and would not expect much out of the news now.

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Incredibly excited about the SMTs

This is the first post that gets me excited about SMTs. I never knew they had that much potential. I usually just ignored the news. I'm really looking forwars to these projects.

I hope they will do something about restricting Steemians to do only quality posts aside from all the updates, SMTs and Hardfork20. I've seen many posts published in Steemit that don't have much quality to their content but earns nice rewards while there are good posts but earns lesser than them.

Also, one of the steemian I am following in Twitter just twitted recently about his conclusion that what destroyed Steemit were Bots and it's content creators. It's disappointing to hear something like that from a Steemian.

It makes me wonder if other apps built in Steemit were really helping making Steemit great. Still, I want to believe that many authors will find value to their posts.

I am very interested in the development of Block Chain. I love the block chain
I am agree with you nice post

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Every news on Steemit is exciting!

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what do you think smart media token can boost steemit ecosystem ???

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@khaleelkazi very interesting, thanks for shearing article

I am confused too but I love the picture!

SMT is promise to luanch last June. It's already late. EOS, ETH, KOMODO, NEO then STEEM?

I think STEEM is well positioned to be the blockchain of the future. I know a lot of people are looking at EOS, but Steem already has multiple communities and websites using it. Add SMT's to the mix and we've got something ready for mainstream. Or should I say main-steem. :-)


lovrely post

Assalam Alaikum And Thanks Khaleel Bhai For Sharing Steem Update With Us... KhaIeel Bhai i have just Upvoted You and I Hope return your favor

Good blog, very interesting. Thanks.

Great update, I ain't any better than you so thanks

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This is the first I've heard of SMTs but it does sound exciting. I've decided to buy all the steem I can from now on, I have the feeling it will go huge before long.

It seems that as Bitcoin is awaiting a positive announcement like the lightning network or EFTs in order to have a phase of value growth, STEEM has been waiting for SMTs and the other developments with the next release.

I am not technical when it comes to coding as I decided early on that I would focus on the business of computing rather than the finite coding. But, learning the details in the context of business and tracking these SMTs is fantastic.

Definitely a good time to get in for sure.

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