What's the future for Steem?

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With the price of steem falling, many are worried that crypto is a failing project. A lost cause. The price crashing must mean something, right? I don't see it that way at all. And here's why...

At this point in time, crypto works in competition with the current central banking system. The price of fiat can move the prices of cryptos and vice versa. This creates instability in all crypto coin worth.

I believe that crypto currency is poised to overtake the current monetary system. Blockchain replaces the old system entirely and becomes a way for all of humanity to break free of our capitalist shackles. Once fiat is gone and only crypto remains, the prices can be whatever we want them to be.

The goal is not to make money. It's to replace it.

I'm gonna say it again for those in the back...

The goal is not to make money. It's to replace it.

There are multiple ways we, as a society, can use the blockchain to shape a new world. The age of abundance.

One way I could see this happening is tokenizing everything and have a separate blockchain for each function or sector.

For example, one chain gives everyone a basic income. @Mannacurrency already exists and is working towards making it a reality.

Now, you can take those mana coins and exchange them for whatever token you need. Right now, we are all doing this manually and the price we exchange other tokens for can vary wildly. In a blockchain only world, we can automate this into crypto wallets so average Joe doesn't have to think about it. Also, we can use algorithms to keep token and currency prices in check with supply and demand.

Example: You want to stay in a nice hotel room. You find one listed and tour it in VR. When you're ready to book, the system calculates the price of the room based on availability. If the hotel is say, only 20% booked when you reserve, it would cost only 20% of the full room rate. If almost full (high demand), the price can increase up to a cap. Still affordable, but would encourage people to wait until a later time to travel. Plus, there would be no way for the hotel to overbook rooms. It's all on the blockchain, if no rooms are available, no reservations can be made.

We can use the blockchain to vote. To find and secure housing. To distribute goods where they're needed and keep track of available resources.

We can also use it to record our journey. Our lives. Our hopes and dreams for this new future we're building. And we do that on steem.

Steem can be the social media blockchain. It can handle it all. Blogs, pics, video, games, gambling, contests, swapping, sharing, caring. You name it, we're doing it here.

Already, you can use the actifit app to track your steps during the day and post them to steem at night. wake up in the morning and have been rewarded for it.


I don't care if it's only worth pennies right now. The monetary value isn't what's key here...

It's the value shift we're after.

The light that comes on over your head when someone tells you that...

  • On the blockchain, your vote counts.
  • On the blockchain, no one person is in charge. Everyone's voice matters.
  • On the blockchain you can be rewarded for things you're already doing, like walking or playing a trading card game. (steemmonsters!)
  • On the blockchain, advertisers pay you to watch their ads.
  • On the blockchain, no one can be censored.
  • On the blockchain, we make the rules.

That, my friends, is why I don't give a flying fuck about the price of steem right now. Because the value of it, is immeasurable.

The ultimate goal, and next logical step in humanity's evolution, is a world without money at all. And while I fully support that idea, I do believe that we're going to need a stepping stone to it. Right now, all our trust is put in the people that own the money. Banks. Businesses. Governments. When that trust fails, and it's almost there now, people will not know how to trust each other. We're going to need blockchain to show us how we can fully work together and make things accessible to everyone. Eventually, within one or two generations, the monetary value assigned to tokens will most likely be largely ignored and mean nothing really. Everyone would have more than enough tokens to access anything at any time, (as long as supply was high enough) and eventually it would be phased out.

I know a lot of people who are very passionate about this next step into the age of abundance. We all, I think, have different ideas about how we're going to arrive at that goal. These were my thoughts on the subject. Let me know what you think in the comments. Am I way off base? Maybe. But what if I'm not?

Blockchain for president 2020 🤞

If you'd like to learn more about a money free society, I encourage you to visit the following websites and be prepared to glimpse the future. 😊


cover image made by me in canva. all other images were open source or are credited on the image.

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Yes, to all of this!!! I have dreamed of something like this since I was a little girl. Time to be the change. <3


Yes girl! Welcome to steem. Social media of the future. 😍

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AWESOME POST #STEEMITMAMA!! I see things very similar to you! Cheers, the future is bright, and I pity the foos who can't see the future...it would be scary.


The future is bright, and right around the corner. I can't wait! 🤗

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I'm with you - I would love a money-free society, but I don't think we're going to get there cold turkey, and I think blockchain is one of the stepping stones, and basic income another. One will kill the stranglehold banks and governments hold over people, and the other corporations' hold via wage labor.
So may it be.


So say we all. ✌

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steem price vs bitcoin price. do you remember when steem was $0.15 and bitcoin was $450. Now bitcoin is $5500 and steem is $0.6 . You can see, how much people lost when keeping steem instead btc? That's what's bothering me. But yes, the system is "revolutionary" as you say. And much faster and user friendly as the old one.


True that it's frustrating, to be losing real world money at this current place in time. But I see it like this, we're the pioneers of this space and new system. We can't lose hope in the project just because the monetary value declines. Because it is the revolution, and the rewards will be far greater for all than a few measly pieces of paper. 🤷‍♀️

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buy silver, gold, platinum...I mean real plates, not futures. I don't support this monetary system at all. Deep inside, I want it to fall deep down...and when everyone will think this is it, it will still be falling and bankers would be murdering one another, taking negative trades and hoping for best, but all the inflation is eating their profit and we are selling our small pieces of silver and gold, bitcoin and steem - for big houses and real estates in the center of big cities... call me a dreamer :P


It can be difficult to imagine a world different than we live in now. But I strongly believe that in the end, there won't be any reason to fight it. We shall see. 🤔

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You got a 9.46% upvote from @votejar courtesy of @worldfinances!

Fantastic post. Just what the Crypto Doc ordered, A huge pick me up just when it was needed. To be read 3 times a day or untill Steem recovers ❤

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Great post!! We think alot alike.