Steem and Steem Dollars price November 1 2018

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Hello everyone here's today's steem and steem Dollars price
Steem is currently at $0.817445 USD (3.04%)

Steem Dollars is currently at $0.968536 USD (0.37%)

I'm not a financial advisor but this would be a good time to invest a little bit of money on steem hope you liked this post if you did don't forget to check out my other posts also I would like to know what is your favourite crypto at the moment and what crypto currency do you use most .

If you would like me to cover any other cryptos please comment below
I always respond to everyone who takes the time to read this post and leave a comment message below thank you for reading this post I appreciate it hope you all have a wonderful day today and a great week ahead Follow me @kgakakillerg


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