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I have been using the Steemit Bot from this site for about a week and it helped me go from a few followers to over 100 in only a few uses.

I know what you're thinking, using a bot defeats the purpose of steemit, but they work. They help build up your follower count which in turn builds up a wider audience for you. Even if you just use a bot at the beginning to increase your viewers your content will get upvoted (if its good) and that is why we currently need bots.

Once you download the application you can just run it by double clicking and set a few options in the preferences screen then set what you want your comments to say and run the bot.

The website does an ok job of explaining the tool but it hasn't been updated to the current version of the bot so it is missing some information.

Some things to note:

  • The Seconds between posts allows you to set how much time should pass between each comment/vote/follow)
  • Delay Action is an offset that lets you say how many posts should be found before a comment/vote/follow. I found using between 5 and 10 gets me the best curation rewards.
  • Minutes between votes is obviously the amount of time between voting. So you can follow and comment on a post and skip voting for a few posts.
  • Minimum vote power is the minimum voting power required in order to vote. This is probably so you don't use all your voting power or so you can save some for manual voting.
  • You will need to add some comments to the list in order to comment and they have a little F and V on them which is to say hat the comment is for. V for a comment on a post you voted for, F for a poster you just followed. You can add V and F to a single comment to say the comment is for when you follow and vote.

Once all that's done you can just click the start botting and it will automatically find posts to comment/ vote on and follow the poster.


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