The creator of Partiko hasn't responded to my email...

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I was trying to see if I could contact the creator of Partiko to see whether he would come back and update his app. He created an app called BuzzBreak which seems to be doing well. It's got over 1M downloads.

I tried sending an email to their support team a few days ago but didn't get any response. I basically just inquired about whether the owner would ever come back to the Steem blockchain. No response 😑

He is definitely talented but I guess he felt this place wasn't worth his time. The price of Steem tanked and he wasn't gaining much. He's smart and set up the app beautifully. He also incentivized people to earn Partiko points by watching ads. Now, the notifications section is broken and hasnt updated in over 3 months for me and the app still doesn't properly display the payouts based on 50/50 rewards.

Hopefully the acquisition by Tron will bring in top developers that can create a nice mobile platform for the Steem blockchain.

Are there any other alternatives right now for mobile platforms?

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Yeah the Partiko developer was certainly talented. I still use the app. I probably should use eSteem since they came out with new versions and they have delegated power so you can get upvotes.

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I just downloaded it. It looks great. Im gonna test it out.

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Yeah I need to download the new version.

Try @esteemapp its better than partiko I think

Thanks bro, it looks great. I remember when eSteem only sent you notifications but you couldn't post anything. Or am i thinking of something else?

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Yeah... I’m responding via Partiko🤣. It actually amazing that an abandoned app can still work... lol... it’s convenient for me so I guess I’ll use until it fractures⛰

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Its still functional for sure. But I have since moved to eSteem which is great. I'm impressed by it. I would recommend you use that. You can log in with your posting key as opposed to your active key.

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