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RE: Reminder: Steem absolutely and completely violates GDPR and European privacy laws

in #steem6 years ago

I wish I understood this better. I'm in Canada, but it still makes me pretty nervous. Only an issue if you host the blockchain? Posting isn't an issue?


Issue with upvoting btw.. trying but no luck.

No, posting is not an issue. You just give up privacy.

Gotcha. Yeah - I really try to be vigilant about anything I post. It's hard to know whatever you put up is there forever. There are things I would delete--not terrible things really at all, just some wince-worthy things I don't wish had near-eternity for posterity.

Most of what I post is just my music, which I'm happy to post. Then again, it's a sacrifice to know I can never take it down again. It's hard to plan for all of the potential effects of that years down the road.

As of now, everything you post is up there forever, publicly accessible to everyone, and you can do nothing about it. Steem does not offer you your right to be forgotten (formally, right to erasure - Art 17 GDPR), among others. So, yes, be vigilant.

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