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What does steem mean to you?

I think that if you ask 100 people to tell you what steem is, you will listen to at least 50 different opinions.

To me? Steem is many things.

Steem was my point of entry in a whole new world of .. englightment & opportunities.

My journey has been lengthy and not easy (still isn't).

Most of you who will read this, have been posting (writing) in this platform so you will perfectly understand me.

You will never get a second chance for a great first impression!

We are what our postings are. What we post about, defines us.
When we get out of our home we need to be clean, well dressed and well presented.
The same goes here. We are exposed.
We need to respect our readers, the people who follow and click our posts. Or the ones who land here by chance.

A few days ago, my friend @tykee said something that rang a bell in my head (thank you for your always valuable and thoughtful feedback)

Well, most of your readers do not know who you are. Your blogs are the pictures we can all see. So, I'd advice you always make it super cool.

And then it hit me .. I need to update my profile!

Profile Importance

Our profile is what most people see when they click on our name and land here. So our profile always needs to be current and often updated.

(I just remembered that I had written about how to create the perfect steemit profile last year :)

And now let's talk about me..

I am lucky to represent some of the wonderful steem communities & dApps, so of course I should be mentioning it!

So, there I am with an updated profile and I will write all about here below!

My previous profile

Sharing my steemit secrets & scientific interests. I write to discover, to explore, learn, to help :)

I strongly believe that "We don't need wings to fly..!"

My current profile

(image not yet changed, I kind of love this one ...)

To make sure I would fit all information, I visited a website that counts characters. The bio should be approximately 157 characters.

Proud Member of @actifit, @greek-trail, @steemstem,! ♥ steem for showing me a decentralized world. ♥ 🥋 + my 3-legged 🐱 + all things digital!

1. Communities - Steem Activities

I made sure I mention some of my well respected communities & dApps, especially the ones I actively participate.

All the apps are mentioned alphabetically.

[1.a.] @actifit

Actifit is a dApp that rewards users who download the app, count their daily activity and then post it on the blockchain. Motivational and very easy to use, this app gives people diverse incentives to stay active and healthy!

What do I do there? I help in Moderation and am a part of the Social Media Team.

[1.b] @greek-trail

I am Greek. As such, I had searched for fellow Greeks when I joined and guess what .. I found a bunch!

Greek Trail is the official account of the Greek Community on steem. It helps, supports, answers questions, resteems and has an active discord.

What do I do there? I curate on a daily basis(manually), occasionally post about Greek steemians, try to find new Greeks, newly arrived here and provide them with info. Guess what? There are also some people from Cyprus and they are also welcome. :)

[1.c] @steemstem

One of the first communities I encountered and loved for its passion, its high standards, the quest for truth and originality.
Science, scientists, people who love facts and to write about STEM. Recently launched their dApp where all the blockchain information can be distilled, into a wonderful STEM collage : )

What do I do there? Helping newbies as a Mentor (having some fantastic steemians with me in the team) and help with the PR Team, as well as running the social media channels!

[1.d] @utopian-io is a great, diverse platform which empowers open source projects. The users may be developers, content creators, bug hunters, marketers, graphic designers .. and everyone can contribute to help build and improve open source projects.

What do I do there? I am the Visibility Manager, responsible for marketing and for promoting open source projects. Feel free to visit the recent weekly report to find out more

2. Personal Interests

Everyone has some hobbies, interests, things they love. Some of them we may share online, and some we may not.

I chose to mention the fact that I love steem, I love Tae Kwon Do, that I love my 3-legged stray cat and of course .. all things digital (or else I would not be here).

3. Symbols & Icons

It is fun to add a few symbols in your bio. They may hit the eye of someone, even if they are not actually reading the context.

If you wish to include a symbol or an emoticon, search for 'name - symbol' and you will find online to copy :)

4. Synopsis

Your profile is one of the most important aspects of your online presence. Here and everywhere digital.

Every once in a while, take sometime and .. visit yourself :) Check out what other people see about you and think..

  • Do you tell people what you wish them to know?
  • Is the information presented current and true?
  • Who would your audience be?
  • Why should they follow you?
  • Do you mention the themes of your posts?
  • Do you mention your favorite interests?

5. Your Turn

If you read this and if my post inspired you to change your profile info, please do let me know about it!
Post the before and after and write a post or a comment here!
I promise I will upvote all honest comments (with my generous 0.04 cents)

Thank you for visiting!

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Thanks for this information. I learned a few things - like your explanation of the communities you are in, and how to add icons or symbols ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). I'm definitely going to redo my intro page, just not right now as it's 3:30am and I probably need to go to bed! But you gave very good ideas on what should be there. What I wrote the day I joined really is lame....


I actually love what you have written in your profile ;)

And we appreciate having you ! Great updates :)

Thanks a lot for this information.


Thank you for visiting :)

I know you as @katerinaramm from the steemstem community .. Haven't seen much about your actifit activity! 🤓


I help others stay active ☺
I am planning to create an alt account for regular actifit posts.
Thank you for dropping by!

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