Open-Sourcing Steem Tag Search

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I'm pleased to announce that Steem Tag Search is now officially open source.

Yes that's right.

You can now inspect the source code of Steem Tag Search (and other apps to come) on Github.

The live URL is still active, but the root is now a hub of applications published instead of a redirect to tag search hinting at what's to come in the future.

To remind everyone, Steem Tag Search is an application that lets you filter content using advanced queries combining multiple authors and tags with ease, and discover new authors based on your interests with the selected authors program.

I hope this will help those who think the development is currently too slow.


Good job, added your tool to

An interesting tool, I did not know about it. I will try it in use.
Thank you @kasperfred!


I love to see when another project becomes open source! IMO, that is only right way to go :)

BTW, I would also like to get you know, that I just added your project to directory of Steem Apps, which will be release as SteemProjects:


Thanks. Steem Projects looks really cool.

One thing. The official link to the project is "" which is more stable than the free heroku site which shuts down every so often.

Is SteemProjects live yet?

I love it. Good search is one of the things missing from Steemit and this definitely is useful. Would be cool if you could import your followers into the authors field.

That is a good idea. However, if you have python installed, you can use this gist to get a list of the people your account follows.

Just change ACCOUNT to be your account.

Thanks for the gist :)

Hey there!

I think there's something not working with the Steem Tag Search. It's not showing all the posts, nor even the most recent posts.

I really like the idea of the function, but I haven't been able to find what I'm looking for using the tag search (though I think I used it when it first came out and it worked fine, so has something changed?).