In case you were wondering, Steemit has over 500k posts/comments

in #steem5 years ago

I reindexed the blockchain for and as of 7:32 am (GMT -5) the index has 534,008 posts and comments.  The biggest day so far was July 27 with 21,883 posts/comments created.  

As you can see from the graph above the traffic really took off at the beginning of June.

Pretty cool to see the network growing like that.


Extraordinary growth - I wonder just how big and how quickly this will move?

Exponential growth until we're bigger than reddit currently is would be my guess (and reddit will be releagated to the depths of the internet memory hole as Digg is already). Everyone I've mentioned it to has instantly been able to see the potential of Steemit to take over as the dominant social media platofrm. It really is quite a remarkable thing to witness!

I would say 3 quarters of them have already signed up, and the rest are planning to...

Having a platform without the possibility of censorship and rewarding people with real money for participating - yeah I'd say Reddit going to have to do something pretty significant to keep up.

Oh July 27? Yea, that was me! I did that!

lol, ok maybe not all 21,833 posts but I did some of that tho!

Just wait until the network effect starts kicking in!

I wouldn't be surprised to see the numbers start growing exponentially as people join and invite their friends who invite their friends, and so on, and so on. Pretty exciting.

More users - more posts and comments :)