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I kindly invite you to track how I produced the first Steem coin - using CNC technology.

Because of the intense development of the Steem network, I decided that I will design and make own vision of Steem coin - as a souvenir. It was made using the CNC laser cutting method. I used stainless steel (grade 1.4301). It is a kind of steel commonly used for the production of structural elements. The main metals that make up it are chrome and nickel.


Stage I - Design

At the beginning I had to find the right bitmap from the Internet, which presents the Steem logo. It was not a difficult task and I did it in 5 minutes.

Stage II - Conversion

In order for a laser-cut machine to burn a specific contour, it was necessary to convert the PNG bitmap to a DXF file and give shape of coin to it.

DXF is a format used to create technical drawings and to prepare paths for CNC machines. Thanks to this, the machine knows what work path it must take to get a specific shape.

Stage III - Execution

The last step was uploading the prepared file to the CNC laser. The machine generates its own NC code, and uses it to make a detail - in this case a coin of our community - I mean my vision of it. :)

Example of laser cutting




If you want to see more Laser-made Steem projects, please follow me and upvote. :]

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Nice project to take on! and good looking coin.

great, resteemed :)