Anyone know how to retrieve coins from a transaction error?

in #steem2 years ago

I messed up and sent some STEEM coins – through Poloniex – to an invalid address. As you might expect, the transaction resulted in an error.


This was a few days ago, and the coins have vanished. They never came back to my wallet. Does anyone know how to retrieve them? Or know someone who would know?

Would really appreciate any help. Thank you.


No sure about Poloniex. I only use Binance these days. But perhaps you can write a support ticket?

Did you know you have equal amount of HIVE tokens as Steem on the Hive blockchain? Same private keys.

Also if I were you, I would keep an eye on LeoFinance announcements on the Hive blockchain. They've been doing amazing work lately. Here is your profile there:

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