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I am glad to see you again active on Steemit! Thank you so much for your huuuuuuge help <3!


Yeah jeez you got it good haha. I was a little jealous at one point xD

How you doing bro? I just rejoined about a day ago myself!


That's cool man, how are you? Where have you been?


I've been everywhere and nowhere haha. A lot has happened to me in the last couple months! I'm sure much has happened with all of us though haha!

I'm doing great as of right now. How are you?

yeah now everyone wants sbd hehe

ready friend, you are creative every post

nice pics to explain the need of dollars in any shape and kind, because dollar is every day and every body need

This is so true. This is why i would definitely need one.

I really like this post, I can not do this, so I can just take a look at the picture and read how people express themselves about this amazing place.Thanks for sharing this with us @ jwolf
I always wait for your next post @ jwolf
because your post is always a motivation for me. I will always be your loyal followers in every post you @ jwolf

Who wouldn't need it at this present time? I mean its worth more than steem presently.

lol !!That's a pitiable situation , but sooner SBD would become as one of the tradeable coin. One who trusts it now can reap its profits later. one steam dollar earn or save now would fetch you the double or triple profits :)

Sometimes there is a scenario that crosses my mind. That sbd might reach 1000$ one day even if it is designed to equal 1$.
And all of us who snob it will hit our head on the wall
Something like steemit’s secret ‘weapon’
Might sound crazy but...who knows


That's scarily actually a possibility hey..

good post @jwolf i like friends

hahahah so true ! :D

hahah don't underestimate the power of SBD