Improvements to the Ranking Page

in #steemlast month

Since the launch of the ranking pages, I've got many positive feedbacks and suggestions - thank you.

Here are the improvements:

Changes you can see:

  1. Showing TOP 2000
  2. Formating the numbers (removing the fractions)
  3. Add Last column "Last Updated" so that you know when was this data updated
  4. Show Total Accounts collected in DB which it shows 1,432,538 accounts on steem blockchain.
  5. Add the last row total sum of each column

Changes you can't see (under the hood):

  1. 1000 rows are updated every 8 seconds
  2. top 1000 (by usd) are updated every 5 minutes
  3. adding the reputation to the API (will show it on the table once the data is populated)

Roadmap for this ranking

  1. pagination
  2. search username
  3. you can sort the columns on the page
  4. what else?



Every little helps!



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Man I sure wish they would start the proposal system back up, so we had more people motivated to do things, build tools etc.

Anyway, thank you and good job

Thank you very much.

Thank you!

Could you help me with these guys who are downvoting my stuff ? Alwaysbaked and ezvote

have you contacted @ezvote about why you are consistently being downvoted?

Yes. Ezvote is just another alt account of alwaysbaked. Same guy..... it’s Darian, Cannaking from .... or alwaysbaked buys downvotes from EZVote robot

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