How to Claim TRX and Send TRX to Exchange?

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Claiming TRX is done via Tron's centralised server - which monitors the transactions i.e. "claim_rewards" on STEEM blockchain and as long as you have linked (you can do this when you login to steemwallet) TRX address to your steem account.

First Time Register a TRX

When you login to steemitwallet for the first time, it will prompt you with:


Note you would need to login with active key or master key.

Proceed, you will have a TRON wallet created, and then you would need to safe a PDF which contains TRON public key and private key.


Link Multiple Accounts to One TRON

If you have multiple accounts, you can link all accounts to use same TRON wallet to receive the rewards, you can do this via:


And then enter your desired TRON address:


You would need ACTIVE KEY to link:


You can check the current linked TRON address (that will receive rewards when you claim STEEM/SBD/SP rewards), and also you can view the transactions on TRON network


Selling TRX on exchange.

You need to send TRX to the address that is provided by your exchange (it will appear when you select "deposit TRX/TRON"


Click "Select Tron Account"


You can also send TRX to steem user's TRX if he/she registers a TRON.

You would need the private key for TRON (stored in the PDF) to complete the transaction



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Nice one. Very informative. For a while now, I haven't been able to claim any of my Tron rewards. Still wondering what's the problem.

Wow... This explanation is quite straightforward, I think I don't need to explain to anyone again than just to share this post link with them. Thanks for this!

Returning back to blockchain after allmost a year witout it allways nice to knew something useful!

im following all your post