I'll be staying. Tron x steem just got way better with those guys out of the way.

That's 100% true! Let those traitors leave. They didn't care to do anything about my stake in four years. 🤣 Pathetic.

He said, 'Stop doing wrong things and turn back to God! The kingdom of heaven is almost here.'(Matthew 3:2)

Bro. Eli Challenges Atheism Belief, There is No God

Watch the Video below to know the Answer...
(Sorry for sending this comment. We are not looking for our self profit, our intentions is to preach the words of God in any means possible.)

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Since after the HIVE air drop you will have equal majority influence as you do in Steemit have you thought about the second set of 20 witness to place on top of your future sister Blockchain asset. First off thank you for believing in the Blockchain Algorithm. Second thanks for seeing the value of Ned's social media in Blockchain form as a valuable asset to man woman and child of the future smart move and most appreciated on numerous levels in this time of confinement due to current virus situation on a global scale thank you. Third I can't wait to see the downvote abuse eliminated because I know how it feels to create just to get it downvoted as a investor with faith in a platform that as a new community member was not easy to navigate as well as having a direct link to find out reason for downvote it is a frustrating time to be in and me @garrettwallace created this account with Partiko in the name of @greateye and I from my experience with Steemit before you @justinsunsteem became FAMILY needed a full overhaul and your elimination of downvotes was first on the list of GREEDY reward pool abusers with the power to downvote your rewards to keep it in the reward pool to line a GREEDY pocket I don't even know how to buy upvotes but I feel on such a new level of social media entertainment to have 10 true upvotes shouldn't get me on a black list claiming work of low value just to put a warning marked in red, base on the opinion of one in the form of @buildawhale operated by @themarkymark who in witch I had a disagreement with at a point in time and he sent me a message replying that he was not affiliated with the now demoted vote farming abusers @steemcleaners and I gave a open apology in the Steemit Community in post form now he plays get back placing a warning icon on my Steemit account home page because he can't spam accounts with @buildawhale black list scare Tactics but his self implemented icon on a Steemit account home page is spam and it gives new users less trust in you while advertising @buildawhale is not good for onboarding masses just to have them give up before even learning the platform just something to look into that will help your community and future growth and I really wouldn't mind if you delegate to me after HIVE coin drop to upvote the new users to your future HIVE Blockchain Community @justinsunsteem you are appreciated

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Why don't your accounts vote for your posts?

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