1300 Followers. Thank you

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1300 Followers. The bad thing, only 3 of them frequently donate their upvotes. The rest I am not even sure they read 📖 posts.

Looks to me that everyone in here is just for collecting coins and not really for community building.

After getting tire of using Bid Bots, I moved into Resteeming Services. I have even reach to close to 370,000 members and results are the same as Bid Bots: you end up loosing money. Not as much as Bid Bots.

But using Resteeming Services you get exposure. Hence you need to see the costs as marketing expenses.

Regards, @JustinoMora
Thanks for following me. I will keep pumping out posts to see what happens.
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Same over here I will follow and upvote you periodically

You may have a good point there, BidBots & Resteem Services are for MARKETING and not necessarily a profit. Congrats on 1300!


That is correct. In fact I started to pay for Resteeming even before knowing such services existed. @steemvote tought me about Upvoting and from there I went to Bid Bots. Then, after they started to take actions to restrain people from getting the 25% curation reward, I stop using them.

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most of the re-steem services have un-active bot accounts following them that will never see a person use them


Makes 100% sense and correlates to my findings.


In some tests I have reached up to 600 upvotes but due to Steem low price the results are only in the range of 6 tokens with expenses in the range of 16 SBD. But since the 75%/2 factor, the final costs approaches 12.5


try minnowbooster and smartmarket


send sbd after 30 minutes of post being made


Hi Guys I think most of my followers must be bots or inactive accounts ..almost to 1000 followers and am sure only a couple ever stop by ... But I am one of the few here building community not looking for coins to much ..but they are fun to collect ... And is it just me or are people less free with upvotes these days .....


You are not alone. As of today, I will stop Resteeming Operations. No one reads, and to get upvotes you end up paying more than what you get. I will only use resteeming once a month to blast 400K accounts at SBD 18. I may blast another post with Resteemers' cost per thousand.


Totally, I think we should make a discord group or something, I wanted to have 1000 followers so my posts reach anyone, and I did post on friday and no votes... No nothing... So if you wanting to create a discord group or you think it is a good Idea I would do that, I think steemit should have something like subscriptions so you can just suscribe to real people

keep it up

I guess resteeming is better than bot

I am around 300handred🙂

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I guess so just after the coins not after team building then where’s the love 💖 of helping others @justinomora


Regarding Love Helping others, @jerrybanfield is the man to follow. I am not in the business of creating Networks by giving love. I am in the business of creating/following an audience interested in my ideas, not in my Love.


I almost forgot. @GrumpyCat is also an account you can follow: He/she spread his love by blasting those who dare to use @sneaky-ninja upvote bidding services for not complying the 3.5 days old limit.

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Keep it up!
All the best!

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