Random Take Away's About STEEM From The "bitcoin is_" Conference

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As many of you may know I recently went to the "bitcoin is_" conference in LA. I plan to do a full recap on the events and talks that happened but for today I just wanted to share some random take away's from the event about STEEM.

This was my first bitcoin conference and included many of the "influencers" within the space. I have been to quite a few conferences in the past, but most were generally STEEM related or other "ALT' coins etc. So this one was a bit more intimidating, as ...well... some of the bitcoin world is not very open to ALT coins.

Maybe due to the past scams or just a cult mentality, who knows. Anyways, it was something I mentally prepared myself for.. and to be honest I had no intention to go to "shill" STEEM but rather show the use case for it, as it is what brought me (as well as many others) to the crypto world. I believe this technique worked quite well and lead to some really interesting conversations with so called "Bitcoin Maximalists." In fact at one point I was told "If you didn't make so much sense and weren't so well articulated, I would probably troll you and your shit coin." Which I took as a compliment ;)

All in all many were very welcoming to the discussion, no matter their thoughts on STEEM specifically. They all very much see the value for a bridge to the crypto world, and see how Steem currently is acting as one.

So what is the hold up?

All they know of STEEM is Steemit, and all they know of Steemit is Dan Larimer and big layoffs. Yes pretty much everyone had heard of Steem - "Oh, you mean Steemit.' and pretty much had chalked it up to another "Dan Scam" that had failed long ago.

Now many of you may go - "Gosh, do your research!"

But seriously we need to start taking some responsibility here, as we have no attempt to counter bad PR or to even attempt to educate people on what the hell Steem is and what we are doing. How can we expect people to just figure it out?

I many times had to explain STEEM vs Steem vs STEEMIT vs Steemit inc. to many people, and I mean these are known "experts" in the space. You think if the heads at Kraken don't know what Steem is anyone else will?

This to me is a major fault on our part and until we rectify it, we will be continued to be thought of as just another failed project.

We need to come up with a vision and get out of our echo chamber, like right now.

Another observation

The talks at this conference were pretty well done. In fact it is the only conference I have ever been to that not only did I sit and listen to every presentation - but I really enjoyed every single one.

What was the difference?
No one was trying to sell me their product.

Yep, I said it. Every single conference I have ever been to have been many "presentations" that are essentially sales pitches for that individuals product, and only their product. They are ads, and the majority of them are bad ads and no one wants to listen to them.

This conference instead was discussing how bitcoin and the technology behind it can solve many of the issues we as humans are battling. There were people discussing how this was already happening, and why.

These conversations were empowering and thought provoking.

No one was selling me anything, except their personal belief in a new financial system that gives the power back to the people... quite a big difference than other conferences or even what I see on Steem daily.

Why don't we do that?

We seem to all be focused on our personal things rather than the big picture... we have people who are only concerned about sucking as much out of the reward pool as possible, rather than focusing on what is best for STEEM as a whole. We seem to only be concerned about the success of our own projects, no matter what they add (or take away) from the ecosystem.

We seem to have missed this idea that what is good for STEEM is good for us all.

Why is that? - This is what I have been asking myself ever since. Why are we not all passionate about improving STEEM? Why is steemfest essentially a bunch of ads? Why are we not going out and telling the world how STEEM can change the world? What are we so focused on our own personal gains rather than the ecosystem as a whole?

I feel like these are interesting and thought provoking questions and they truly are questions, not accusations.. why are we the way we are?

Do we need a wake up call?

Bitcoin doesn't have a "Bitcoin inc." or a company that does most of its development or that is in control of communication or anything else. Yes they have a foundation, and yes they have block producers who run the chain... but they don't have an entity they can blame everything on and therefore it seems that everyone who holds Bitcoin has this crazy thing call -

Each individual that own bitcoin benefits by the success of bitcoin.. so they help it be successful. The stakeholders and block producers contribute to things that benefit the ecosystem.. they sponsor spokesman who seem to represent it well, they help to fund outreach and every single person at that conference knew what bitcoin was, and what it did. We need some of that personal responsibility on Steem.

This for me was the biggest take away from this event - the difference in the actions of those that hold it.. from the smallest holder to the largest, they all were actively working to improve their investment.

Maybe something we need to think about.

I am still formulating some thoughts on how best to move forward, but I feel attending this conference made some "important" individuals question what they thought they knew of STEEM, and that is where we have to start. I have further discussions planned with many of them including some up coming podcast, so I will keep you updated.

A Community with the right tools can be unstoppable, but first they must come together.

Much Love and Steem On,


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I can always help edit the podcast! I need cool projects to work on! And there aren't many out there, let me help!

Oh man I will take you up on this!! As I don’t know anything 😂

The biggest thing right now for me is not everyone I know wants to be a content creator, or cares about crypto.

Yes, Steem Monsters is one of the best blockchain games, but it has a long way to go to be one of the best card games.

Not only that, I think there are many niches on this platform that go unnoticed. Tribes will help with that, but I can make posts I'm really passionate about and get 1/10th of the rewards and then make something I just somewhat enjoy and make 10x the rewards.

I still talk about Steem on Twitter, Reddit, and to pretty much anyone who will listen, but most aren't interested in what Steem has to offer . . . yet.

I am moving a few hours away from Houston in a month or two so I'll have to start looking for crypto conferences and meetups around Houston to help spread the word as well.

I think it would help if we did more to somehow incorporate crypto influencers on other platforms that know about and like/promote steem. There are several Crypto influencers on YouTube that always have Steem in their top X coin of the year/month because they see the possibilities and potential of the platform.

Yes we most definitely need to get out of this concept that Steem is only content specific. I mean content is a huge part of it but I guess I consider it more of a "social" atmosphere and hopefully as are rewards system balances and we get new tools it will begin to look a bit more social.. you know, where people may want to hang out with like minded individuals, discuss topics they enjoy or come to to find answers to their questions etc.

It is a hard thing to advertise Steem, as it is so many things.. but I think if done right we could have a pretty powerful message.

For sure.

Wasn't trying to be negative with my comment as the potential and powerful message Steem has is what keeps me here and powered up.

I would say 90 - 99% of my time dealing with blockchain is doing something in the Steem ecosystem and the rest is just basically poking my head out to see what other projects are doing in the ecosystem.

It's going to be hard to change people's perceptions about Steem as first impressions are hard to deal with even if they are false or half true.

Looking forward to the future of Steem where people know it as a project to be reckoned with instead of Dans abandoned project.

Oh, I didn't think it was negative at all! It's good to have these conversations and I love to hear others' perspectives.

Its not just about PR though thats a fairly large problem. Steem itself is a flawed Token. No one outside of the community would ever really want to buy any Steem because there is absolutely no incentive to do so. Meanwhile the blockchain is constantly increasing the market cap via inflation. At this point, the only way for the Blockchain to gain value is for people to buy into steem either from the platform or from outside of the platform. Either that or someone needs to design a means to remove some of this market cap to help drive the price back to a reasonable place.

I think a lot of Steemians are selling the idea of what the platform can do for people and not just their particular product or project. I see the potential from the start and I'm doing what I can to help small accounts get established. We need them as much as the big ones. The number of minnows is falling right now when it should be growing. We know what Steem can do, but we are failing to bring in the people who could help it grow by bringing in their existing followers. We need a few big YouTubers and musicians who will be the pioneers.

Seriously, spot on. I've been saying the same things for a while now. One of the days something will catch on and we'll get this done.

We have come so far already... now we just have to tell others about all the cool stuff we have ;)

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A short comment today about vision.

One of the main reasons we've had trouble describing this vision is the fact we see so much. I have my eyes, you have your eyes. We see different things yet the common goal remains the same. So many different pathways up the mountain; each one leads to the top.

Something like that...

Yes I agree, I think it’s hard to market Steem because it’s so many different things to so many people... but as you say, there is a cohesive core to what we all believe and maybe, just maybe we can harness that somehow.

~Smartsteem Curation Team

Thanks Wolf ❤️ 🙏

The challenge for Steem is the visibility of the community within the community. Sounds terrible I know... but what I mean is that no matter the person, everyone has a voice here of some sort and just like on social medias, the loudest voices are not the ones that are working toward improvement, they are the ones searching for attention by any means possible and the path of least resistance is drama.

No matter how revolutionary this blockchain is, what drives people away is not the price or talk of Steem topics, not the quality or lack thereof of content or the complication - it is the incessant undermining of the community by members of the community itself. WE are our own worst enemies.

Exactly. I think I have checked one or two people who have realised that moaning wont get us anywhere..doing will. Not instantly, but eventually. People seem to be more willing to dismiss the positive potential than jump on the bandwagon of unhappiness.

I was reading the other day about a guy who fought big oil in Norway. He was literally having a nervous breakdown every 6 months because of the pressures of it but he didn't stop and eventually his efforts bore fruit. What got me was that he said to himself when I'm 80 and I looked back and our fishing industry is destroyed can I live with myself if I didn't do anything. It really got me. The difference between people seems to be those who sit down and moan and those who actually do something positive even if it is a small thing. Human psychology. But we want a gradual shift towards more positive action.

I tend to either ignore negative voices these days or gently and kindly nudge them to other possibilities.

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I agree completely... and I don’t know how to fix it.

I see it from the standpoint of maturation where currently we are toddlers and all that comes with that, including the whining and inability to feed ourselves adequately. The improvement comes through the demonstration of behaviors where those who add value get benefits and attention while those who do not get reprimanded. Because value is subjective, having a large community of active "parents" helps mature the system and community into a well-adjusted and active adult.

We spend far too much time, energy and resources on the negatives rather than supporting what we want more of. This is not content based, it is behavioral and comes through experience, something that many seem to lack despite their proclamations to the contrary.

Looking forward to a podcast and let me know if you are going on any radio to talk about it. Thank you for going and getting these insights for our little world because a lot of people need the reminder that it is not just about their personal reward but how to make this place great so that will flow naturally. I do think it is part of the bigger lesson about generosity . One needs to give in order to receive in an eternal play of reciprocity and not simply moan when things arent going their way. Sure, its human nature to vent and goddess knows I have been guilty of that, but ultimately personal responsibility is where it is at. Thanks for being an ace Steem ambassador.. that guys 'compliment' was on point. Are you going to Thailand?

I agree! It is an interesting look at how we behave when faced with working towards the greater good. Many times I think we as individuals just can't see past our own self interests.

And thank you... I was pretty honored by that compliment considering the source lol. I would love to go to Thailand but I just don't think it is financially feasible for me this year unfortunately :|

Well said.

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To me it looks like a bunch of stuff out of context and makes no sense 🙂 and that some witnesses suck at communication.

Next question?

Yes, sorry justineh I had only this photos, because I found it on my friends PC. Yes, I found the whole article.... maybe now it will have more sense? https://www.publish0x.com/deep-dives/rip-steem-chain-2016-2019-xrgxxv
Because I’m not a programer, this article will scare a lot of new users ( and some old ones too, like me )


Hello lordbutterfly ... Thanks for the info and warning ⚠️
But as I was reading justineh post I thought (and I was right) I could ask ( hard, unwanted questions) without flagging. I noticed, that everyone how speaks there mind about steemit.... will get downvoted.... So it’s nice to still find people who are trying to make Steem great again.
P.s. : justineh I can remove my comment, Just say the word...

Nvm. Forget about it. My bad. Everyones afraid of flags nowadays. No need to push that narrative where its not absolutely necessary.

Thanks lordbutterfly🤘If its annoying I will remove it... I saw some of your posts .... bro you made my day 😂😂😂 upvoted and followed
Love your mindset 🤘

I’m pretty open and I will talk about anything, no need to remove your comment. Let me catch on the link you posted here and see if I can answer any questions you have.

I have removed it, because it dosen’t look good... and I found the link to the article. So it’s better this way.
Ohhh so nice of you...love to hear you thought on this.
I was out of steemit for sometime, so I’m quiet behind. ( you can see it on my profile)
Yes my friend found this article and it shocked me... 🥴
because I m preparing a comeback 🙂

Ok, so in the shortest way possible I’ll say your friend is taking randomly things and trying to make it into something more.

Steemit Inc. had blockchain developers who code the forks, yes. Many developers contribute to a lot of code (you can see this on github) and yes many people tested the code and yes there were issues after. Some issues can be expected but these sorts of halts in the chain should not happen.

As far as the discussion about the 2T, to me that is a witness who doesn’t think about what they are saying when they speak.

The issue has to do with curation rewards and an error in the text made the chain read it incorrectly, due to the error the chain stopped. Now while this is not ideal, it’s actually a safe guard as if it stops, the error does not continue.

The reason it took so long to get back up was due to replay of the servers... which was an oversight and needs to be improved.

I’m not with Steemit Inc. but all of this was put in multiple posts, so it’s not “secret”. I do very much think they need to improve upon communication so these sorts of “misunderstandings” are not passed around.

I hope that helps.

Oh, thanks justineh it helps a lot!!! Thanks for the time and answer.

  ·  last month (edited)

@justineh for CEO! You are awesome, you GET IT!

Why is steemfest essentially a bunch of ads?

Haha. That cracked me up. 😂

Do you know what any CEO that has a head to think with would do if they were faced with the STEEM/STEEMIT dilemma and the confusion it creates.
They would rebrand.

Its not like "Steemit" has any kind of global brand value so Steemit.inc wants to preserve it. But it creates so much confusion on the other hand.

Pointless really even talking about it. Who can you convince of anything? Andy? Talking to Andy is like talking to a forum mod thats half human and half robot. I bet he passes captcha less then 50% of the time. lol


Sure. But branding is important and Steemit.inc has to deal with that. Look what typerium is doing. Who the hell knows what Typerium even is? Ive read the whitepaper and all i have is a broad idea.
But theyre making it flashy, important, revolutionary, uuuuuu.

Personal responsibility is needed, ofc, but when talking about recognition and outward reach, its Steemit.inc that has to do something.
Change your damn name Stinc!

Well I was talking to everyone here and have been pretty open with my criticism of how Steemit Inc. presents itself, as it is the “face of Steem”... but I don’t see how Steemit Inc. changing its name will stop confusion Steem. You say Steem and they think “Steemit”... changing the second doesn’t fix the core of the problem. Steem has no brand.. and never has, so it’s solely dependent on Steemits branding (or lack there of).

Many have spoken about rebrand and I may actually support that idea, but it would be expensive and labor intensive and who is going to do it?

So yes while I feel that Steemit Inc. is dropping the ball in this regard as a major stake holder, what about the other stake holders? What about the users? The projects that are benefiting?

Personal responsibility pretty much just states we all need to do our part. We need to stop depending on Steemit Inc. to do everything, we should have learned by now.

Steem has no brand.

It does. Its Steemit. lol. When you say Steem, they think Steemit.
"Oh Its that blogging thing".

The fact of the matter is that they fucked up with the name. Its simple as that. The only thing to do now is to change it. Eliminate "Steemit" from the equation or its an uphill battle of trying to explain to everyone that comes here what the difference is between Steem and Steemit.
Ive seen people that been here more then 6 months not know the difference and confuse the two.

Yep.. sort of what I said 😛 but I think Steemit can stay Steemit.. maybe we need to change Steem 😉

And honestly.. I get it’s confusing.. but our users need to take a bit of personal responsibility too 🤷‍♀️

Its not about our users. They should have learned by now but even that shows you the gravity of the confusion.

But you cant expect the outside world to understand the difference. The message needs to be easy to understand and easy to spread.
When you have to explain stuff right off the bat and its confusing to people you lose then.
Maybe we need to change Steem. Maybe. But i know for a fact that the Steem/steemit dillema is screwing up the outward reach.

“Ive seen people that been here more then 6 months not know the difference and confuse the two.”

Jap, I was too one of those people, but I can tell you why.

If you look on my blog you will see, I’m just an artist (photo, video) who know bitcoin and some other cripto :) So in a way...just a “average Joe”

I joined steemit, because I could make some extra $ and that was it..

“I will get some dollars for something that I do for free...”
And for me as a creator/artist was this all I needed to know.

It was just mindblowing... because facebook, instagram and other soc.med platforms will give you 0...
so I just started post some good content and I was happy as a mf :)
I was so happy when I made my first 1$... oh

Now, when I look back... “ignorance is bliss”

Back then, my focus was only making uniq content every day or every second day.... that was it.

...and this is what I’m gone do🤘

this will sound crazy but bitcoin is simple and steem is a bit complicated :D
selling bitcoin as (what i think it is made for) "global" money its not that hard if you know basic stuff to tell people. governments print money as they want, you would never have more than X (can't look for the amount now) amount. you can send it to someone across the world in 15min, and if you have a wallet with keys no one can take it from you. simple :)
problem with steem is, i feel no one is sure what steem is. because it can be shit ton of things and is really
nothing of those things right now.
and as i wrote before steems biggest strength and weakness the community on steem. when someone search for steem, you never know on whose post will he end up.

Really great points - Steem is so many different things it makes telling people about it pretty complicated. Plus due to the "all in" style of the layout, it's hard for anyone to find what they want. I am hoping with upcoming communities this will be no longer a barrier.

explaining steem to "normies" is extremely difficult, i am here for almost 2 years and i am not sure i understand it completely :) explaining smaller parts of steem (with communities) would probably be easier.

community? come together? WTF! im just here for the hot chicks

Where?!?! Are they hiding somewhere??

Seriously though.. where did you find such attractive lego ladies??


the lego box? haha my kids have a bazillion lego sets, not sure

Hi Justine, I just think you should know how much I enjoy your reads :) It feels so nice to read such an honest and pure thoughts.

wow, thank you.. I appreciate that <3

Good to know the perceptions that crypto enthusiast hold of steem/steemit . Thanks for attending and reporting your findings and perspective on the situation. As a community we do need to observe such facts and other trends and that means all of us getting our heads out of our behinds including smaller users, management and investors alike. Keep reading before you roast me too hard, I don't mean that in place of disrespect in anyway, I just don't sugarcoat shit and sell it as a jelly donut. Just my observations from the last 2 yrs+ on steemit and every perspective helps in getting to the root cause of the stagnant situations we find ourselves in.

As much as many of the bigger users like to call some of the smaller users whiners, which I'm sure isn't a wrong assumption either. Reality is steem/ steemit as different as they may be, they do have a symbiotic relationship and that isn't news to anyone lurking around here. Just like us little guys were told to adapt the the reward curve change like it or not, perhaps same can be said with public perception. Since the prognosis seems to be that to the general crypto population thinks steem=steemit, why not adapt to that fact and play around it. Build a healthy social platform and a more consistent user base first and sell steem that way. With that being said some market research probably needs to be done and figuring out user retention issues we currently have. We used to have many great bloggers mixed in the junk and they left taking their stake with them, that probably helped plunge the price of steem with it. Why? User experience. It's easy to say quit whining to the bottom feeders but a social network relies on society wanting to use it and the experience of the masses matter much more than most of you realize, not just how much a big stakeholder can extract from the platform. 1.3 millions accounts but 40k active users?? Doesn't anybody ever try to figure out why? I'm not pointing fingers at anyone or any specific actions, just pointing out, it might be useful to find out to better improve the platform and the average user experience.

A happy user on-boards more users, an unhappy one just leaves. That being said 1.3 million steemit accounts. Now if we were better able to retain users and assume that some will want to buy to increase their stake because they are having a good experience, a buttload of small accounts purchasing would be beneficial in increasing the price of steem and then it can be sold to crypto only investors as n investment into an up and coming social media network revolution with an increasing price of the token to show for it and somebody might believe it, onboarding more serious investors. A currency with many benefits. Build it and they will come. Most investors attention is caught when an asset makes steady moves up...not down like the current state of affairs.

In your mind, steem isn't steemit but to the outside world, it seems to be. Easier to change a small team's mindset to appeal to the bigger pool of crypto enthusiast than change their minds. The faster the team takes that into consideration, the faster a plan can be drummed up and create something people want to buy into so we can move everything forward again.

Steem on! xox

yeah, imagine we had projects that we were able to fund and problems we were able to solve off the chain....!!?!?!?

There are already folk on Steem who have that kind fo big-picture thinking, but not necessarily the technological side of things.

Imagine if the dreamers, creators, doers, marketers, and tech-folk could gather somewhere and brainstorm.......

Great summary! You are the right one for the job :)

thank you :)

On a different note, I don't mean to spam with a bunch of stray comment. Maybe all bloggers as much as some might hate fakebook, that is probably your best marketing tool for the platform. Instead of shilling a dying token and wondering why it isn't working or making youtube videos on how one can earn a gazillion dollars doing nothing like the "bubble" times to onboard a the masses and them being greeted with false expectations of the platform. Facebook has many niche groups and pages like cooking travel and such. I am part of a few myself and I drop relevant links in those pages, not shilling anything at all. People ask questions as to what it is, maybe not every one but some. If all of us actively SHOW what steem and steemit can do instead of just talking hot air we may be able to take this in a new direction collectively. I post my photos on facebook and the respective links to the story that goes with the photo. We need to get eyes on the platform i a non annoying way and that will take a commitment from many users. The more people randomly comes across it, the more popular it will seem and become. Maybe we should each start our own public facebook page according to our work and begin being leaders. Big or small.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Thanks for sharing your bitcoin conference journey lol... are you planning to go to the biggest crypto conference called cryptocon in Las Vegas in October 😀

I’ve got it on my “wish” list... but to be honest the tickets are insane and it’s near the same time as the LA blockchain week too.

I went last year and just stuck in haha. I just hanged out all the youtube influencers. There were no steem people there 😭 except me haha. Let’s see how it goes this year when I arrive this year 😂

Hear hear! Nothing noteworthy to add..

Sensible well articulated thoughts are exactly what we need the outsiders to see... Even a bitcoin maximalist can surely see that a platform that can serve as crypto 101 has a purpose that is beneficial.

For me personally the ability steem has afforded me to provide an entertaining edification in crypto and blockchain tech is by far the most tangible aspect of my experience. This core concept sells itself and overshadows any secondary or tertiary abstractions such as community or even experimental economic incentives..

So steemfest is a 500 dollar commercial? 😜🕵🤓 I'm sorry I couldn't resist and I'm more inspired than ever before to be in Bangkok but not at SF4 officially..

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crypto 101

Yes this, exactly this. If we want to onboard the masses we need to give them somewhere they are comfortable to learn and explore - they seem to get that.

And as far as steemfest, I love steemfest and it’s one of the best experiences I have ever had. It’s a meetup though and the conversations are what I remember, not the presentations.

I’m most definitely not saying SF is bad, I just think we could be making more of an impact if we were all focused on the big picture rather than our small narrowed projects is all.

Makes sense, which is why I’ll be there for the post presentation shenanigans...

Please see the big picture people 🙏🏽

  ·  2 months ago Reveal Comment