My take on the Steem/Tron Saga Video coming soon - What do you want to know?

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I will be making a video today to voice by opinions and takes on the current Steem/Tron situation based on what I know, and what I’ve observed being involved.

I am going to attempt to answer questions I’m hearing very honestly and give whatever insight I can to those who have concerns or feel they are in the dark. Nothing is off limits..

This will be only me speaking for myself and not representing any group.

What questions would you like answered?

What are you curious about? What do you want clarified? What are your concerns? How can I help?

Let me know in the comments below and I will be recording/posting answers later.



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Ok honestly I have voted to only one witness because I know he's working hard to help the content creators but I just don't know any other witness.
will you be able to talk about some of them and about the reason why we should vote them? because I still got 29 votes to give. I'd really appreciate that. :) <3

How much (SP) of the various steemit stakes that Sun acquired are currently voting on witnesses? Apparently Sun bought some extra steem (I've heard 30 million), is this currently powered up and voting on witnesses (I've heard it isn't)?

And more philosophically, why aren't the witnesses offering any compromises in the "negotiations" so far? It seems to me that the longer the stalemate goes, the more chance Sun will ram in his witnesses again and force a hard fork on us. The witnesses need to start actually negotiating to avoid this possiblity.

No question from me. I just wanna hear your thoughs about it :)

What's a communitu?

My new token

I had Cartman's voice in my head when I saw your typo. Respect my communituh!

Same. Literally the same.

Cartman should come to Steemit.

Excellent J!

Do you think after all this clears our community will be stronger or more fragile?

Very good @justineh.

"What are you curious about? What do you want clarified? What are your concerns? How can I help?"

Taking you up on your offer, my one question is focused on the Soft Fork 22.2 decision leading to our current situation. In your circle of contacts, etc. perhaps you'll know. Or ... At least you may have better information than many of us do ...

  • Question: Are there any provable (as in a courtroom!) actions upon which "a jury of his peers" would find Justin Sun guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt" of bad intentions toward the Steem blockchain, after his purchase of SteemIt?

  • Problem: Nothing persuasive that I have seen to date meets the "burden of proof" requirement of our American system of justice to overcome our right to be considered innocent until proven guilty ...

Yes, I know, you're not an attorney. Nor am I. Nonetheless, I am hoping you will be one of the "adults in the room," by providing a much wiser and calmer "voice of reason" than most of what I see from our fellow Steemians.

Thank you, in advance, for your answer.

So you might disagree with your voting bot and whale backers who hacked Justin Sun?

I don’t have voting bot or whale backers .. and Justin hacked himself.

Welcome to Steem!

He was a new whale investor with a 20% STAKE .
They hacked him for no justinfiable reason.
The community had a right to hear from him before the witnesses took action, he was a big deal. A game changer for steem.
Ive been here since the beginning, so I welcome you! :)

Since what beginning ?
Your account created 2019-02-02

I introduced my girlfriend to steem at the biginning of steem. Ive been tracking and reading since. Im in love with steems utility. Ive been waiting for the reward distribution to change, its a failed experiment. Will invest heavily when it gets cleaned up. I was hopeful justin was the guy.

"and Justin hacked himself" is a very partial comment to make. BTW

I don’t think anyone hacked him, this is my opinion.. never claimed it was impartial. Just like your original statement wasn’t.

You seem to have some misconceptions of what has occurred, and that’s understandable.. but I feel no need to sit here and argue with you on points that are not based on facts.

If you have a question, feel free to let me know.. that’s what this post is about 🙂

If Justin suns legal property ( steem) was frozen illegally, thats a hack.
The witnesses, had no facts, which is my point.
This was done for political reasons, which destroys the point to a decentralized system of exchange.
Justin suns actions, are a reaction to the witnesses actions. The witnesses must show the community why these actions where necessary on legal grounds not opinions. The ability to freeze accounts for political reason and not legal ones will completely destroy this chain for good! Justin Sun used many good lawyers for this transaction. The witnesses , he said , she said is a joke.

Hacking: To use one's skill in computer programming to gain illegal or unauthorized access to a file or network

The witnesses were fully authorised by the community. Regarding "illegal" that's for you to establish. Just repeating it doesn't make it so.

Justin had very good lawyers in the purchase of steemit. I would like a lawyer representing the witnesses speak on their actions. What are they waiting for?
Justins lawyers say illegal, witnesses say nothing form a legal stand point. I would like to hear the witnesses defend their actions in legal terms and documents. The community deserves that.

How could the community authorize something they didnt know about. ?
My point is something this big should have had community input before this action was taken. Freezing a whale account is a big deal. it was also done on speculation and not facts.

forgot :)

if those wanting no 'free' down votes get their way in a new HF

  1. Can you show me how to buy profitable votes from bid bots

  2. Will you become part of my circle voting ring - wont take me long to get it up and running again.


Hey :)
@robertyan and I both have posts for both sides of the "Yes free down vote" and "No free downvote".

His proposal is ready but mine will be ready later in the week.

cool will have a look

thanks. My conclusion is now is not really the time for this debate since we are distracted on other more pressing matters, but there is one comment I really need help answering fully /hive-145452/@robertyan/re-abitcoinskeptic-q6try5

Are you still performing a full power down?

Who are the Tron witnesses and how do we make them disappear? I think I see some of the "pre-Tron" witnesses back on top of the tower?

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