Let’s Make Some STEEM Marketing Memes!! - Social Media Campaign

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Happy Friday!

Yes I said “Meme” and no, I have not been drinking...

Ok, so here is the deal.. we need more people talking about Steem, out there. So what better way than through memes? 😄

Now, I don’t want to hear about the actual definition of a Meme here (cough, cough Crim) I am using the term loosely for a photo with some wording that is eye catching and understandable while serving a purpose.

What purpose?

Get the STEEM name in front of people in a fun way.

Let’s make some to market STEEM and then share them, off Steem.

They can be funny, or inspirational. It can focus on any aspect of the chain that you find beneficial.

let’s stay away from “make lots of money” as it’s not really realistic and sets expectations that lead to let down and possibly people leaving in the long run.

I used the community aspect...


With this text


Clearly I am not a professional meme maker, but you get the idea!


1). Get the STEEM name in front of people not here yet. Share to Twitter, facebook, Pinterest or whatever social media you prefer. BE SURE TO USE TAGS THAT WILL ATTRACT PEOPLE OUTSIDE OF STEEM! (While also of course including #Steem itself)

2). Use visuals to get their interest and make them curious. So let’s keep it positive 😉

3). Give a link to the Steem Telegram (https://t.me/steemnetwork) for easy onboarding and to answer questions.. plus RETENTION.


5). Have some fun... you guys remember fun, right?

You can make a post here on Steem to get the word out and get more people involved.

Plus there may be some upvotes 😱

Yep, make a good quality Steem marketing meme.. post to social media and share in the comments below and the best one may get some nice upvotes.

The amazing @acidyo already offered to give a few to the best ones, and I’m sure some other accounts will follow suit.


To qualify to receive an upvote it’s pretty simple-

1). Make a good quality original meme that markets Steem.

2). Post to your social media accounts and include:

  • use the tags #STEEM and #STEEMMemes then try to include tags that are popular outside of Steem too.

3). Then you can either;

  • make a post on Steem with your meme and links to where you posted it (twitter etc). The post should include the point of the meme and talk about this initiative as the goal is to get more people to do it. Then link it the comment below.

  • Put your meme and link to where you posted it elsewhere in the comments below (without making a post).

How will “winners” be chosen?

We will take a look at the popularity of the meme (think retweets/likes etc) and the quality etc. There may not be one decided winner, rather multiple may receive some extra upvote love. We will have to see how this goes 🙂

Don’t want to enter the contest but just want to make a meme?

Awesome! Do that, let’s all do it and then tell everyone else to do it too 🙂

Not in the STEEM telegram group yet? Get your bum over there https://t.me/steemnetwork

Meme on,


#wehavefunonfridays #nomeangirls #fridayfun


Hello, newbie here :)


Hey there! Welcome to Steem 🙂

Make sure you check out the faq

Join the telegram group to get any questions answered by fellow community members and to help you find your people 🙌🏼


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Yup. No fees. No waiting time either. Can you even imagine what that means for the (d)apps you want to build on blockchain?



Hahaha! Great one!

Transactions make me sad :')
Posted with

I hope you guys aren't seriously contemplating tweeting this out, with the #MeToo movement so strong right now this is the last thing women want to see. You are going to alienate a whole lot of women with this one. But then again when it comes to making right decisions.....

I would think most people would be smart enough to separate a recognisable meme from sexual harassment. Idk because some women think very differently to me, but I doubt many women would feel alienated from a meme using a recognisable format / template.

As a women, I do not feel alienated by a very well known and hilarious meme.

It’s a joke, and not an offensive one. I agree with you 😉

No it's never a joke when the one your with stares down another women's body parts, to brush something like that off you would literally have to be in the relationship for something other than love, have no self confidence or esteem or just plain like abuse. It's not well known anywhere I know of except here where I've seen it dozen of times and it's definitely not as funny as you tend to think....unless of course you really are a man.

That meme is all over the internet and it is used for all sorts of things. I've seen it on every social media platform I'm on. It's not as obvious and recognisable as something like the Old El Paso "why don't we have both?" girl but it's a pretty common meme.

No there's no separation at all except in maybe a man's mind.

I'm a woman though...

And to me there is a massive separation between humour and the rest of life, unless the humour is being used as a coping mechanism for real life.

As a group, friends, my partner and I will play Cards Against Humanity and I have played some very very offensive cards over time but that doesn't mean I agree with those cards or think those things in real life because for me at least humour and everything else is very separate, and I believe you will find that is true for a lot of people who enjoy dark or offensive humour, but this meme isn't even that offensive. I'm quite caring in real life, but I will play funny offensive cards or making funny offensive jokes if they are funny (and sometimes in the case of the cards it is because the combination is that apt and just fits, regardless of if you agree with it).

Some people who enjoy offensive humour are people who are actually offensive people and act like dicks in real life, but that's not true for all of us.

In reality this meme is harmless either way, but there's certainly people who separate memes and other humour from real life so you can't just claim that there's no separation at all. For me, and I know for at least some others too, there is a huge separation between the two.

But your statement can't be correct, because you said "there's no separation at all except in maybe a man's mind" but I'm female.

We can disagree on whether we personally think it is offensive or not and that's probably the best thing to do here, but that statement is factually incorrect, proven by my existence.

I brought my own...it came with a drink.

I figured I'd get responses as such from my statement, especially on here where the tendency seems to always flow in the same direction from those above or who posted the posting (geez I wonder why that i$.) So I took the liberty of running this as a hypothetical question after making a another meme out of this picture after changing the words to rebranded company, owner and company....whereas so far most are in agreement with me that this isn't an appropriate meme to use unless it's aimed at men and/or other comments that one may be trying to sell an advertisement for marriage counseling it would be fine.

Okay... I don't know what you are implying here. I'm not so far "above" if you mean big people on here. I'm only 5 levels above you and we have relatively similar steem power. I'm not a big person on here. I also don't know OP either and haven't had much communication with them so this isn't something like sticking with friends either.

You also seem to be implying that both me and Justineh believe what we believe about humour because of money. That's not true, at least for me - I can't speak for OP but I can't see anything wrong logically with them just liking it so I have no reason not to believe them.

I'm on multiple platforms but my other main platform than Steemit is YouTube. If my sense of humour or attitude towards humour was affected by money, my content and my humour would be very clean because that's more ad friendly for YouTube. I only make content I want to make even if it is a poor decision financially not to sacrifice artistic integrity to meet the demands of YouTube etc and my sense of humour is intrinsically part of me and doesn't change because of money.

I just don't find the meme offensive and the reason I commented to begin with is because I don't find it offensive and I would think (at least hope) that most women wouldn't be offended the meme. Only reason I commented to begin with. Nothing to do with money or social media politics (I hate politics like that anyway and don't play the game).

For the second comment, I commented because you said the only separation exists in a man's mind and I'm part of the vagina club so that statement is factually incorrect and also ignores the experience of women like me. I also commented because it is logically wrong, proven by mine and OP's existence. It also ignores the experiences of people who do separate humour from the rest of life, because we do exist. I also really don't like this type of logic and think it is slightly insulting. A close relative went through domestic violence and if someone tried to equate a meme as being no different to what she went through I would be pissed off, because there is a huge difference between experiencing Domestic Violence and a joke (which is what a meme is). The difference is huge. There's no way I could equate a stock photo on the internet turned into a meme with sexual harassment, just like I couldn't with DV, because one is terrible and one is a joke. Equating the joke with the terrible thing is watering down the terrible thing.

As for posting the meme elsewhere, fair enough and it is good you decided to test your hypothesis, but I've seen that meme posted way more times than that on various social media websites and people typically didn't respond in a negative way, so your test is up against all those other times it has been posted and your test isn't a big enough sample size compared to how much it has been posted to mean much unfortunately.
The way your particular test went too also depended on variables such as which social media site (big differences in social attitudes, behaviors and norms between them), which sub-part of the social media site if applicable (facebook group, subreddit etc) and which business you used, as even though the meme is imo harmless, it would still be inappropriate marketing for some businesses. Context matters. It's decent for a social media site though. It's interesting you got the results you got, but it is up against every other time that meme has been posted in various forms on the internet.

Either way, like I said before, we can disagree on whether it is offensive or not. You're free to find it offensive. You do you. I do not find it offensive however, and I'm gonna stay like that (and me do me I guess... that phrase doesn't work the other way). It's more that you're saying women as a whole will be offended and equating a meme to sexual harassment, as well as saying stuff that isn't factually correct.

Either way, have fun and enjoy your time on Steem. Maybe instead of getting too in-depth about one meme, we should make our own memes... with blackjack and hookers... actually you know what, forget the memes (had to do it, Futurama was awesome). Seriously though, this energy is better spent blowing people out of the water with something awesome that we each make, meme or not. I'm not cutting you off if you still want to discuss this, but just making a suggestion. Good luck!

This made me chuckle.

The quality meme we are looking for


phahah :D

Hahahahahahahahahaha! That's epic... I gotta throw this a vote...

You've got DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to steem-engine.com.

Courtesy of the Special Broadcasting Service Australia (SBS)c80b3e53-72e5-48ba-91f6-278667717c6a dead fish.jpg

When Steemians see an opportunity to get the Steem name out into the twittersphere...



That's exactly what we need. A Steem marketing campaign to attract new users, my saying a long time already...
That's why I started my website and blog
some months ago....
I'm definitely in and I will share good meme posts on my blog, for sure!
Let's Just Do It
Have a great day

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😂 love it

I actually won a markymark contest with this believe it or not! 😊

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nice! :)

Thank you @trayan 😁

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here is my attempt :-)

alone-2666433_1920 (1).jpg

Wish I knew how to do transparent backgrounds though!

No censorship just flagged until you have to go. Or get frustrated.

And totally feel this one. It's like the hordes of zombies are the toxic and greedy people and groups here.

There are good people. Just not enough to balance out the radical vegans that want to be fascist control freaks.

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