Remember to consider virtual_supply: 24104694.000 STEEM :)

Witness iHashFury

I heard the supply was 400 million, not sure where this number is coming from; but Steem price just tanked to .0011 couple of days before POW mining is wrapped up, seems like speculators haven't looked into the project closely enough..
TL;DR : cheap Steem available now

using virtual_supply, would bring STEEM from a $200,000 market cap to a 11 Million dollar market cap..

"Fortunately, Steem already provides a simple approximation known as the virtual STEEM supply which is calculated by adding up the total vesting STEEM, liquid STEEM, and the STEEM that would exist if all Steem Dollars (SBD) were to be instantly converted to STEEM. This metric multiplied by the current price of STEEM will produce a “market capitalization” or “enterprise value” that is closer to the true value of STEEM."

It looks like they have updated the supply used to calculate market cap to include everything except Steem held by Steemit, Inc. A step in the right direction.

It is good to know that we can sell Steem and cause the market cap to increase.