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Steem needs your help getting listed on another cryptocurrency exchange!

All you have to do is vote for Steem in this poll:

Click the link listed below and then just vote for Steem:

Pretty simple stuff that could end up helping steem out quite a bit if it were to win the listing!

I don't know much about this exchange in particular so be sure to do some research on it before sending any money to it.

Either way though, just voting for steem doesn't cost anything and there is no risk to you!

Stay informed my friends.

** Update:

Steem now leading!




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It seems there is more cryptocurrency exchanges than clean socks in my bedroom cabinet... Most of the exchanges are what people have not even heard about and most of them are pretty shady at best...

Yep, this is the first I have heard of this one... Though if they want to list steem, more power to them!

I'm just worried because a lot of new, less known, exchanges are just plain exit scams. They let people deposit coins, but basically everything is half-finished and the rest of the exchange features don't work even close to 100%. The remaining exchanges that actually work closer to 100% instead have ridiculously high fees.

Yep, that is very true. Be careful sending money to any of these..

Fight with EOS started :)

Maybe we can actually win something against EOS, anything!

Done! The more liquidity, the better for our future!

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Agreed. Thank you!

Tight race with eos

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It sure would be nice to beat them at something...

We scaled from 41% to 42%.
Keep on Rolling steemians!! Let's go.
Some help from @oracle-d will be nice! :)


Pullin share from Tron, nice work!

Vote done for #steem


Awesome! Thank you! Steem is hanging in there so far!

Already 43%for Steem
Let's get Steem to the moon!

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Steem is making up ground!

Ready, my vote for Steem... I would have voted for Petro, but I am Venezuelan, so I know very well that Petro does not exist hehehe :-D

Ha! You and the rest of the world now!

Does this mean you voted?

It does indeed!

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Voted and resteemed.

Well thank you! I'm doing it for my own benefit, too!

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That was an easy vote. Will be a close call between Steem and Eos. Hope we do win!

It sure would be nice to beat them at something!

One of the easiest votes in my life! Hope we win from EOS.

Yep, would love to beat them!

I have voted. Is it only 1 vote or can you vote everyday? :)

Thanks for posting . Let’s get voting. Steem on!

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The more the merrier 😁 the more people reach Steem the faster and bigger the community will grow.

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Just did, hope it's a decent exchange.

Lets hope! Though if they want to list steem, go for it!

We are ahead :D
The better community always win!!

Boom that is awesome! Thanks for the update!

Yes!!! We are winning

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Voted, i love steem.

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