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I recently came across this little nugget on the official Steem twitter page...

And it looks like some collaboration between steem and typerium:


It was posted with this caption:

"Get Ready… #ChangingTheGame "

Sounds like some sort of collaboration?!

Does anyone have any idea what this means?

On first glance I thought perhaps typerium was going to be using an SMT.

However, going to their website, it looks like they say they have already launched their token on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token...

To me that seems unlikely that they are going to be doing an SMT, but I am just speculating here.

Any guesses on what this could be?

Stay informed my friends.


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  ·  2 months ago (edited)

I have doing a little research and seems it is a platform for content creators which will have added some sort of social media for interaction between users and content creators. That social media will be Steem + other social networks.

How will that benefit steem?

It will surely expand the awareness of steem. But I really don't know. They have said will provide more information when they launch it. Let's see what it will become and how will benefit steem. But if the team from steem have allied with them, there has to be some good reason to do that.

True. I think at the worst, it is basically a neutral event, at best it is good news. Nothing bad about it...

I think it's good news, they have already built some networks of users from other business of theirs, so it will bring new people to the cryptocurrency space and also to steem.


All that information you can find in and

I looked through there but projects hype up things so much it is hard to know how much of it is real. In general, these projects will say things like, "with partners such as Microsoft" when in reality they called Microsoft one time and Microsoft said sounds interesting...

As a designer I expect from this so much. Because you'll be able to put up your work and sell it I think, and between all that there will also be some sort of social network (steem, others) to interact with users. !!! Is very different of what is steemit.

Will it benefit the price of steem or

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

I think will be similar of what is

Never heard of that.. what is that?

Creary is a website like Behance(a website for sharing your work as a designer mostly) where you can post your "portfolio" and get rewarded for it, as well as you can sell your creations. It's for artists people more than anything else.

Interesting. So artists can posts their drawings? Do they get rewarded in a specific cryptocurrency?

Yes. They get rewarded with Crea. You can find more information about the blockchain here: and the first Dapp implemented with it is

I will have to check it out. Does it have much value?

If you go to the website there is a countdown for about 49 days. I think there is undoubtedly going to be a collaboration. Steemit will most likely provide a solid user base to kick start the typerium idea/project.

Any idea how the collaboration might work?

nope not a clue. I dont really understand it but it could be the full monty ie Steems first SMT.

That would be nice, but I am fearful it is closer to what @marc5 mentioned below...

Oh, mystery time... Solid catch... No idea but looks good.

Hopefully it is something beneficial for steem. I feel like most of the time I start to feel positive about a mystery like this, I end up being let down...

Ha. Yeah, trying to not get ahead of myself, though we really do need some help for Steem. Today's prices are heartbreaking and the charts look like ski slopes overall.

It's been that way for a while now. Need some demand drivers for sure, there aren't many currently.

Don’t have a clue 🥴

No one really does. My guess it is mostly a neutral event, IE not hugely beneficial to steem. Hopefully I am wrong.

interesting. maybe STEEM makes new token for some use?

Not sure but there seems to be some sort of collaboration there.

Well you could always snapshot your ERC-20 allocation and migrate it to STEEM or have them burn ERC-20s for STEEM!

As far as I can tell they are a crypto card and running on ETH and all that gas could be an issue, perhaps steem would be a more affordable option and ETH was just used for the ICO fund raise

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So migrate from an ERC20 to an SMT?

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I'd never even heard of typerium. They have their own ERC20 token, 1 million market cap. Not sure how steemit/steem team would be involved, probably not an SMT.. as this would imply SMTs will be ready in only 49 days. I wouldn't hold my breath for that one.

Kinda my thoughts as well...

Maybe a wallet of some sorts as well?

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That would be nice...

They keep making cryptic tweets!

I need to know



Yes I have seen those as well... looks like some form of collaboration. Any time I think it is big I get disappointed, so trying to keep expectations low. :)

Not gonna let me self get overhyped.
However I will continue to believe that this collaboration will be positive. I mean at least the designs are cool and the quotes are catchy.