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Finally, we are seeing some collaboration with Steem!

We all thought these kinds of things would happen, but they just haven't over the past 3 years for whatever reason.

Well now, we are finally starting to see some other projects join steem in some way or another.

The first was announced today...

A partnership with Morpheus Labs:

It isn't entirely clear to me exactly how this will work, but it sounds like it is good news never the less.

Morpheus Labs already has a token trading on CM with a market cap around $8 million.


The second potential collaboration has to do with Typerium.

This one hasn't officially been announced yet which is why I call it "potential collaboration", but hints have been made on the Steemit and Typerium twitter pages for weeks now:

This project's coin is also listed on CM with a current market cap of around $4 million.

Again, I am not entirely sure how the collaboration will work, but it also sounds like good news.

Striking partnerships and collaborations are exactly the kinds of things we need to keep doing to make steem a household name.

Keep up the good work!

Stay informed my friends.


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Really great to hear of any progress or movement within @steem @steemit

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Yep, it certainly is.

At last some good news.. if this is not changing we can become all steem whales soon

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Haha that is true if steem keeps dropping. Hopefully deals like these help change the trajectory very soon.

There was also the partnership with Metalpay recently. Well, sort of partnership. But yeah, agree, it’s good to see these partnerships happening.

Yes there was that as well. It looks like steem did not get on Binance US though...

O that’s a shame. I still can’t understand why Steem isn’t at least being considered by Coinbase.

Perhaps it is, but we don't know. Anyways some of these other choices over steem are odd to me... I wish I knew why steem wasn't selected yet.

Surprised we did not see a better reaction in the price today! More reason to accumulate!

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It almost seems as if every altcoin is being shorted right now. I don't have any proof, but the price action is as if they are all being shorted heavily, with the intention of causing panic selling.

Morpheus labs wants to make it easy for businesses to start using a distributed ledger. Blockchain as a service means easy onboarding, but also every customer gets in essence the same product with a few differences in configuration.

Also they will make it so that a business without to much trouble can switch from Steem to tomochain, to Neo and back.

So they provide easy access, with a somewhat standardized product for businesses. This will enable them to keep a good speed work development, since they basically only have one product.

So I'd say this is exactly what Steem needs, because this will help businesses to onboard on Steem.

Sure, but how will they do this specifically?

Good question, I don't know how they will do it exactly. Many things can still go wrong. We'll have to see what they come up with.

Hoping some of these collaborations bring some real value, right now they seem more like ideas and theoretical value adds as opposed to real tangible value adds. Steem/steemit needs some things that will help generate some revenue on here. Hopefully boosting the user numbers after communities and SMTs brings an increase in ad revenue.

Great to see the team is not stopping at all and doing some great stuff :)

Yep, hopefully they keep it going.