Steem Silver Round - My Newest Collectible

in steem •  2 years ago 

Want to own your steem in a more physical form, try a silver round!

A friend of mine recently attended one of the Steemit meetups out in California and unbeknownst to me decided to pick me up one of these little beauties:

I have seen these advertised on the site before but really never made the plunge to go ahead and purchase one.

This particular one was purchased from @virtualgrowth.

If you want to learn more about these coins, here are a few helpful links I was able to come up with doing a quick search:

Stay informed my friends.

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man this is REAL!

It looks really amazing. You know it can give you real feeling of something like you have it and later on you can flaunt over it in your friends. I think that would be the most interesting part

Beautiful coins. I like silver from a portfolio diversification standpoint since it is one of the most undervalued assets in the traditional markets. I will check out your resources and if the cost is similar to other options I will definitely give it a go.

Would love to start giving those away to friends and family for birthdays and what not. Seems like a great conversation starter to get more people involved in steem.

Thanks for the info.

Yeah great that you have one too, congratulations @jrcornel!

Looks good!

Awesome to see that you got a physical manifestation of steem!

I do stack silver coins, but I normally only buy legal tender coins although it is a very nice coin . Cheers mike

Looks amazing. I may well look to pick up one myself!

Always like seeing silver. Nice

Well that is pretty cool. I say we each buy and bring 100 of those to a late night poker game together, that would be interesting and fun.

That would be awesome! You guys should do it for the next round! It would be difficult to source 200 as we only minted 1500 total of the 2017 round.

This is awesome!


Wow!how can i get that?

There are some people that have some for sale! I have some left. Contact me on discord (sevinwilson#5606) or (@sevinwilson)


How i can post a story in this group.

Looks like real money here. I have seen it before on Instagram. And also found another design from @phelimint post. Hope I will buy one in future.

Gold twelfth century ducat is nothing in compared with this coin.

Still brain is rejecting something imaginary and likes actual object :)

It looks great. I would like to have such a miracle in my collection.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

They are down to the last 2 design choices for Steem Silver Round 2018 - vote here:

Looks nice. I wish I could have one like this.

Cool! I think it's good to collect some steemit collectible now. Who knows, it might be something of value after few years.

Very cool! Didnt know this existed !

Great one

I’m glad you were able to get one! We are coming out with the 2018 Steem silver round soon!!!!

Thank you! They are even more pretty in person than I could have imagined when you first mentioned them to me way back when!

I was trying to recall if I mentioned them to you a while back! Hopefully it turns you into a small stacker (at least of Steem silver).

They came out incredible!!

This is wonderful we are moving at a very fast rate. Actually I would really love to have a feel of the steem coin.

Wow this is really cool! O_o

It's a cool one. I Just need to acquire one.

Wow, the steem coin really liked beautiful. Never seen it before. Luckily you.

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Wow so Shiney! Can I has one 😻

I seems so beautiful...
Must feel so awesome to feel that thing in your hands...

some rare things looks good in rare hands
You are one of them lucky one

These look super amazing!!! I totally want one but I think I will make it a milestone purchase. I think that I will buy one when I reach a certain level of steam power. Now, I need to decide what that level should be. Any thoughts? I'm thinking 1000SP. I will need to chck them out and see if they do any customizing. It would be a cool momento.

Sure, 1000 is a good milestone. Then a gold steem coin at 10,000 SP ;)

Perfect!!! lol

I have one too (2017). The production for 2018 is underway.

That's great, yes I have been reading about that!

Steem silver. The idea of it alone is exciting.

That's pretty cool! I do some precious metal refining on the side (something I could mention if I ever get around to populating my steemit profile haha), so I'm always interested in what new designs people come up with for rounds.

One of these days I'll come up with a use for the silver I'm refining, other than using it for jewelry at some point ;)


interesting steem silver maybe i should have his one piece for my collection

Amazing never knew these exists. Hope it becomes more powerful and shows it real worth soon.

Enjoy that silver round! The backside is so cool and meaningful, too. I was fortunate to get one from @papa-pepper in a surprise package. I like how the backside stresses community, diversity, and growth with its images of minnows, dolphins and whales.

giphy-downsized-large (28).gif


Look's good

Looks cool but man that's one hell of a premium to pay....

awsome silver round

Would be a nice touch for the collection, but it was quite a premium on it.

Incredible pickup. These are insanely hard to come by. Thanks for the share.