Steem - Justin Sun reveals Tron has invested in Steem

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Justin Sun just revealed his involvement with Steem

Over the past several months there has been much speculation regarding Justin Sun, Tron, Steem, and

There has been a ton of smoke suggesting there is some kind of relationship or partnership between the two sides but it hasn't been clear exactly what that relationship is.

That is, until now.

In a recent interview, Sun revealed that Tron is invested in Steem in some form.

Fast forward to the 20:41 mark in the clip below to see what I am talking about:

Sun says some very interesting things that helps shed some light on their relationship with steem.

What did he say specifically?

For those not wanting to watch the clip, keep reading below...

Specifically, Sun said that they have only really made 2 acquisitions to date and the rest of the things they are involved with are more along the lines of a financial backing of the project while letting the original team lead the project.

He would go on to say that Poloniex and Steem both fit that category.

Going a bit further he went on to say that they haven't publicly announced anything with steem YET, though there did seem to be something there for sure.

Specifically he said this:

"And also of course Steem, like we haven't said anything about Steem yet. So, its all, like, in commercial like discussion. We haven't like released any news."

So, it sounds like there is something there, they just haven't announced it YET.

And it sounds like it is some sort of investment in the project.

Whether that investment is in Steem,, or Steemit,Inc remains to be seen...

It isn't completely clear the nature of their investment or which part of steem they are invested in exactly.

Either way though, it sounds like we are finally starting to get some clarity as to what exactly the Justin Sun and Tron relationship is with Steem and

Hopefully we continue to get more clarity as we move forward.

And, it sounds like eventually they will be announcing some things publicly as they relate to steem.

Perhaps it has something to do with SMTs... and can't announce until it actually launches?

Dun dun dun. :)

Who knows, but this is good news either way.

Stay informed my friends.




I wonder what the investment means, I assume it would be for part of steemit inc who could really do with the additional resources

Yes, that was my assumption as well.

It is odd that so much is out there now about some type of business relationship yet both sides still are yet to publicly announce anything.

It must be big then I guess. Imagine that phat vp of steemit account being used for good use!

conspiracy theory: i think tron want tobe a Smt on steem because it is fast :)

I think it makes the most sense for Tron to connect to Steem using some form of interoperability. Like if you could somehow upvote content on Tron using Steem stake and vice versa... would be pretty powerful.

The economy of Steem makes a lot more logical sense than Tron. Tron's inflation mechanics are very odd, centralized, and seemingly unsustainable.

Regardless of what they are planning, Steem will catch a huge bid if people hear that Tron is involved. The amount of funding that Tron has is staggering compared to our Podunk network.

maybe a smt? would make sense and some cross chain action is also not bad IMO

Thanks for the update. Admittedly, I'm suspicious of Tron's ecosystem and Justin. There's been some negative press regarding their centralization and the ejection of PopChest from the platform.

I'm wondering why poloneix (owned by justin) is dumping steem as of late... not sure if its facts but read about it somewhere.

It's true there is no smoke without fire but I always wonder in crypto when things are said without proof if they are an attempt at a pump to get rid of some bags!

Very true, though in this instance it sounds like they have some sort of investment in steemit,inc or, at least that was my take away...

It does, it does. Time will tell, in the meantime is not harming the price any! :0)

Is it possible they are planning on bringing DLive back to Steem or launching an SMT??

Tron should start their own Steem Community project and therefore they have to power up Steem. This would bring in new users and investments.

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Yeah, I've heard about the news from jayplayco! It's really interesting news 😳

Additionally, it looks like that STEEM is related with Twitter. So, I'm looking forward to STEEM's performance this year 😊

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How is it related with Twitter?

I think it could be rumour, and it's source is from Jack's Twitter, as you know he is Twitter CEO.

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