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The war for Steem's governance continues...

Justin Sun continues to buy and power up steem every couple of days.

In the past several hours he has powered up 870,000 steem after he purchased (presumably) 502,131 steem from Bittrex:


If you are curious why steem has held up better than most during the past few weeks, look no further than the governance war.

Justin Sun will need to continue to purchase more and more steem if he is going to control the top 20 witness spots again.

My guess is, at this rate it will take him at least another week or so, and that's only if the community witnesses don't keep buying and powering up steem as well.

Stay informed my friends.



Steem community and witnesses are broke. There is no way to beat the Sunny boy.

Let's say that is the case, will Sun allow an instant power down to these accounts that he is using to buy and power up steem as well? He claims he wants the fast power down for the exchange accounts only...

I have no clue what is going to happen but I'm more on pessimistic side.
It's all speculations.

Of course, no one knows for sure outside of his camp. His plans for steem/steemit after he does his hardfork is likely the biggest indicator of whether this steem chain will continue to have value or not going forward...

Sunny's Tron is not doing very good though.

Abyway, I would love to see a profit for my investment over here!

Most likely need a lot higher prices for that to happen. We are very near the all time lows currently.

And what is he going to do exactly? Do his HF and then what?

It is all about Justin Sun's ego. Above all, he wants to show the whole world that Justin Sun won the war against the steem community. In the worst-case scenario, even it means losing the few millions he used to buy seemit, even it means owning the ghost steem blockchain.

But he is relying on something he understands and believes - money and greed. He believes once he takes controls of the chain he can win back the community by offering them money and additional financial benefits and appealing to the greed of the community.

I believe this is what he will do once he takes full control of the chain.

BINANCE does not allow me to withdraw STEEMs.

All their steem is locked up since they powered it all up.

HI jrcornel, are they going to unlock this situation? Or am I forced to not withdraw my STEEM for a long time? Do you know?

Sell your Steem on Binance into Bitcoin or whatever else and cash that out to Bittrex. From there you can buy Steem with your Bitcoin and cash out to your wallet.


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