Steem for the Win!

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The results are in and Steem runs away with it!

The exchange posted the final vote tallies and it looks like steem was able to beat out both EOS and Tron!

Even if both of their vote totals were added together!

Check it out:


Any time we can beat EOS at something it's a good win in my book!

Thank you for everyone who participated in voting, this was a win for all of steem.

That being said, I am not really sure exactly how big the exchange really is and furthermore, I am not even sure how legit the exchange is...

If you plan on using this exchange make sure you do your homework before sending any money to it.

Either way, having steem listed on more exchanges should be a positive going forward.

Stay informed my friends.




The more liquidity the better chance we get more developers and investors interested in establishing a stake in our ecosystem!

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Yep, exactly. Plus the more avenue people can buy during the next bullish phase.

Not only did we beat EOS, but we had more votes that Tron and EOS combined!

Yep, I noticed that as well! It was a significant win for steem.

So awesome to see the power of the Steem community.

Another victory for our blockchain.

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Yep, hopefully these small victories add up to a big win down the road.

Thsnks for letting us know about the voting, I think you were first to inform about it ;)

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Awesome, thank you for the tip!

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Cool, thanks.

another one.. nice!

All these little exchange additions hopefully add up to something significant during the next bullish phase for the crypto markets.

We really need to get steem on Coinbase and Bitfinex... those would be game changers!

yeah i was going to task again how coinbase is coming along 😄...hopefully soon!

Last I heard, "the ball is in their court".

That's awesome, well done everybody who voted 👍


It's funny because I stumbled across this on Twitter without having seen it on Steemit first. Of course I voted for #Steem.

Glad to hear it!

I don't even care that we beat EOS since I also have EOS, what I do care about is that we beat Tron... hate that coin, not only the coin but also the community around it, it's a blind tribe! I've talked to people that went to the Tron main building to talk with justin about that they were doing and after a whole day they still didn't get what tron was trying to do!

Well, regardless of that, a win for STEEM is always good in my book!

Yep. I also own some EOS, though considering they are already valued north of $3 billion, while steem is barely above $100 million... I'd like for steem to "catch-up".

our steem is our life.

Would love to see it go a lot higher.

yeah!!! all aboard fot the next wave on Steem!!!

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