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Some news outlets are finally talking about Steem and Steemit again!

And guess what, it's not in a negative light!

Steem and Steemit haven't had a ton of press coverage basically ever since the announcement Steemit,Inc would be laying off 70% of their staff.

Yep, just about every news outlet and their dog ran with that story when it came out.

Ever since then, outside of a few mentions here and there, it has basically been radio silence for ol steem and steemit.

Well, at least for now, that has been changing these past few weeks.

In the last week check out some of the news articles relating to steem:

Most of the news stories have to do with the chain halting and coming back to live or the DAO, but either way they are mostly positive this time around.

And, as you know, any press coverage is good news!

The times they are a changin!

The combined press coverage as well as Steemit,Inc announcing yesterday they would be suspending their steem selling program might be just what the price of steem needs in order for it to come up for air just a bit here.

That was very big news by the way for several reasons, some of which can be seen here:

With SMTs and Communities set to launch in the coming months, the outlook for steem looks brighter than it is for some time.

It looks like steem might have finally turned a corner and now could be starting its march back up again.

Stay informed my friends.

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Hi @jrcornel

Good news, I'll check the links later

Along with the outside changes, it seems that the community has shifted their locus of control internally, taking matters of preservation for the platform into their own hands, mine included. With these significant changes taking place, I'm even more desirous to claim more stake on the platform. How do you feel, Doc?

I like it. Though keep in mind this is still a start up in crypto land where literally anything can happen. So, only be sure to risk what you can afford to lose. That being said, the risk vs. reward seems to be at a good spot for investing in steem at current levels. It wouldn't take much for steem to get back to a dollar... which is like 6x from current levels. Plus you can earn while you wait.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
-Mahatma Gandhi

Hopefully it applies with Steem!

We have a thriving community of great people and great content.. Sure there is the bad apples (but where is there not?) So to me the price has never mattered, and I am just having fun on an advanced blockchain social network that has nearly instant transactions with no fees!

True, though I think that to most people that have purchased steem as an investment (likely at higher prices) the price matters.

Good news =💰💰💰💰!

Before the hardfork I got a lot of 0.01 rewards for voting comments, now there has been no rewards at all for about 8 days, so even though any coverage is supposed to be good, it still doesn't mean Steem is clear from troubles.

Yep, comment voting has taken it on the chin since the HF. Might be time to change up strategies!

I still have to wait and see how much I can get from actual comments... I don't like posting too often because it drains my resource credits really fast...

I've noticed this too! It seems people are starting to notice us more and more! Can it be because of the effort in marketing the #NewSteemians are doing? We now have a lot of presence on twitter...

I am sure that is helping, yes. I think it is a combination of not much going on right now in the crypto-verse as well as Steemit,inc putting out a couple PRs and then also increased community efforts.

About time we got some positive press!

Hello dear friend @jrcornel.

These interesting articles represent Good news for all of us who live on steemit and the entire steem blockchain in general.
It has always been said that the incorporation of new users is necessary and a positive advertising campaign would be a stimulus to capture the attention and interest of the public.

The start-up of steem-engine and all new emerging tribes has helped stimulate the economy, but more divulgation of information about it is still needed.

Thank you for sharing these valuable notes.

All best, Piotr.