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It took me nearly 27 years to realize my self worth. I learned to ignore what others thought of me. Also, I learned to forget about all the negativity for it only brought me more negativity.

Now, I don't believe in limits. Every person is capable of far more than they give themselves credit.

I like to use the example of Stephen Hawking. Hawking designed a freaking wheel chair that can talk for him. If he can do that, I believe any one, especially those with 10 toes, 10 fingers and 4 limbs, can do anything they set their mind too.

I had a terrible fear of public speaking for 26 years. I remember I was selected to read at church when I was 14. It scared me so much, i made my mom write a note releasing me from any obligations. Now, I can stand in a room full of strangers and talk nonsense - for their laughter is what makes me happiest.

Remember that in the darkness, one must search for light. Find your light, for I have found mine.


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I hope you have a good evening Steemit community

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Got into Genesis mining a few weeks ago for ETH contracts and was doing them in bigger MH bulk buys, but I started doing it just +1/2/3 MH/s increments at a time so I could use other people's affiliate codes and hoping they will use mine next time too!

I just used yours, it was only for +1 MH/s but looking to spread the love! I followed you also, trying to connect with people here on STEEMIT!

Next time you upgrade your hashpower use my code! NkQanX

Any contract upgrade is fine, I am investing in ETH myself but appreciate the return love of any Hashpower!

Thanks brother!
I appreciate the love and support. I will definitely use your code when I upgrade my hashpower.

Thanks Josh, you got it!!!

Thats some major growth... keep moving forward :)

Thanks! I will kind sir.