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RE: Hi friends long time no see I am sure that you are all experiencing tough times exacerbated by this coronavirus I know I am

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It’s nice to hear from you @dimimp. This is your Steemjet HR reporting. The pandemic has affected everyone differently, while others do not have money to buy the internet, others do not have money to buy food amidst the pandemic.

Everyone suffers differently. I am glad that you’re taking out time to reach out to your friends and see how you can help them. The government cannot do enough for citizens and as such it is divine and praiseworthy that individuals who have capacity to help, extend such kindness, however that is optional.

Dimimp let me know if you would like to reach more people in the rural areas especially those who do not have access to the internet. I have an NGO that is helping distribute palliatives to the most vulnerable amidst the pandemic, I can pick a few steemjet members and set out for this course as your initiative and return to give you feedback reports through posts, pictures and videos.

I have designed a questionnaire already to this effect, the purpose of the questionnaire will be to collect data and help measure the knowledge level of people in rural areas about Covid-19 this is because knowledge about the disease, it’s mode of transmission, risk factors, infection rate and prevention is critical.

We would select vulnerable households using random sampling, we will partner with transport companies on delivery to ensure that our volunteers will not make use of public transport to reduce contact. Social distancing will be strictly adhered to. This outreach will serve two purposes; distribution of food relief materials and knowledge awareness.

This Will forever serve as your additional contribution to humanity amidst the pandemic.


This is a thoughtful one @joshuaetim. If we can't help in terms of cash and physical palliative, I can volunteer in the distribution when @dimimp eventually responds.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me when you need my help.

Awesome one Josh. Just like we did some time ago. It was a great feeling to put smiles on the faces of those children.



We can do this again @dimimp with your help. It's great to see you back here.

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